Five Fall Fashion Favorites

Ok, now that it’s officially fall – meaning both the calendar AND the temperatures say so (around here anyway), I thought it was time I share my five fall fashion favorites of 2015.

1. Plaid. Plaid is everywhere lately (even more so than last year) and I have fully started participating. I have been wearing the Old Navy top for weeks, even with white pants in late summer as ta great transitional outfit. Are you buying any plaid for fall?


Old Navy topJ. Crew button down / Boden sweater jacket

2. Slip-on sneakers. This fad isn’t new either but there are SO many options this fall for adorable slip-on style sneakers.


Classic Vans / Red Plaid kate spade / Pricey Michael Kors sneakers / Affordable Target sneakers

3. Backpacks. I told you my story of backpacks and have a few sourced here. By the way, I chose the Urban Outfitters tote backpack and I absolutely love it!

fall-fashion-favorites-bacUO Tote Pack

4. Overalls. I know this trend has been alive for a few seasons now, but I feel like the modern fit and shape (slim and shapely on top, skinny leg) has finally been perfected that you can find really great overalls inexpensively. I bought the black overalls from Old Navy but if cost wasn’t an issue I would have gone for these Citizens of Humanity overalls, but $400, really?


Old Navy black overalls / Citizens of Humanity slim cropped overalls

5. Flair Jeans. I hold on to my clothes for years and years so I actually still have some flare jeans but in case you’re in the market, here are a few great options. My favorite pair of flares from a few years ago were from H&M, their denim is surprisingly great quality and clearly holds up well if I wore them years ago, still have them, and am pulling them out to wear this season.


MadewellH&M / Free People


Those are my Five Fall Fashion Favorites, what are you wearing this Fall?

Designer Sportswear

First there was the announcement of Tory Sport – the new sportswear line by Tory Burch, now comes the Derek Lam 10C line in collaboration with Athleta (which launches online and in stores today). And after perusing the new Bloomingdale’s fall catalog it made me realize just how many designers have jumped on the designer sportswear bandwagon. Is it because women wear leggings too often? And leisurewear seems to be worn as regular clothing – the new sportswear line by Rebecca Minkoff is called Athleisure, she may be on to something… I admit, I splurge for pricey workout pants and a decent sports bra is always a good idea, but overall I don’t know if I’d seek out higher priced designer labels for my sportswear. Or maybe I’m afraid to buy into any of these fancy collabs because then my $5 Old Navy tank or $12 sports bra from TJ Maxx won’t seem so nice anymore, ha!


As NY Fashion Weeks starts this week and we finally see the new Tory Sport Collection, what are you thoughts on the recent surge in designer sportswear?

Images: 1. Cynthia Rowley for Bloomingdale’s / 2. Rebecca Minkoff / 3. Mara Hoffman for Bloomingdale’s  / 4. Derek Lam 10C for Athleta / 5. Trina Turk 

On the Hunt – Fashionable Backpack

Ever get obsessed with the idea of something? A current fashion trend that is appealing but you can’t find just the right one. You know what you want, you see an image in your head, but you can’t find it for sale anywhere (or you find it but it’s waaaay more than you want to spend). The perfect army jacket, a chic espadrille, overalls that aren’t frumpy (or $300). I do, all the time. I decided to start a new series here on the blog where I share my hunt with you, some options I’ve hemmed and hawed about, and ultimately what I bought (or if I just plain gave up).

My latest hunt has been for a fashionable backpack – something that is a backpack in function but doesn’t actually look like you’re walking to the school bus stop. Backpacks are ideal for mothers not only to carry all the things but so my hands are totally free for chasing after my wild ones. Luckily they are IN right now, so to speak, so there are tons of options that are no way frumpy or lame. If cost weren’t an issue I would’ve had my backpack months ago – this is pretty much exactly what I’m hunting for. But with what I think is reasonable budget (spend less than $75) I’ve had to go on a serious hunt – most I’ve been finding look like really fake leather or just too traditional of a backpack shape, which is not what I want. Other than price and shape I want something neutral so I can wear it with whatever I have on (ie. not black. It’s hard to find a fashionable backpack that isn’t black). Below are a few that have made the cut.


1. UO Tote Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This is a great option being real leather and $59. The color options aren’t my favorite but the pink seems very neutral and in fact the one review states as such. I love the handles so this can also turn into a tote.

2. The Deux Lux Karma backpack is adorable, love the neutral with the colorful tassel. Negative is that it’s a tad over budget.

3. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This one isn’t real leather but looks pretty decent, I like that it’s neutral with a pop of neon.

4. I love this red Backpack with Zip from Zara but ultimately I think it was too small for my needs.

5. The Casual Backpack from Zara is near perfect – looks leather (Zara does faux leather pretty well), a handle so it can also be a tote, and a really cool look. I didn’t really want black, but maybe I could compromise.

Ok, I haven’t bought one yet, I want your thoughts, which one should I get?! I’m leaning towards #1….


I’ve recently realized my clothing collection (so to speak) has grown too large and there were so many items that I just don’t wear anymore but have a lot of life left in them. I did some research and decided for me it was easiest to use an online site to sell some clothes rather than a local second hand store. So, I started listing some things on Poshmark and I can’t recommend it enough (this is NOT a sponsored post)! It’s really easy to use once you download the app. You just take (up to) 4 photos of what you’re selling, write a description and list other details like size, brand, and at what price you’re listing the item.


People search by brand, item (dress, shoes, etc…) and either buy it outright, ask questions through the comments, or make you an offer. So far (I’ve sold seven items) I’ve had a great experience and found things are relatively easy to sell. Some of my items have been listed for a while and I’ve lowered the price and still no bite, but that wasn’t a surprise to me. Other items have gone quickly and still others have gone as soon as I’ve lowered a price and someone who has “liked” the item was alerted of the price decrease and they purchased it right then. I do recommend listing your items in their thrice-daily “parties” where a brand, specific item (say shoe) or style (say party outfit) will be highlighted and you’re free to list any of your items that fit into that category. It just helps bring some attention to your items.

Once the item sells you are alerted via email with a pre-paid shipping label (the buyer pays $4.99 for shipping) attached that you just print and tape on your packaged item and drop at the post office. So easy! Once the buyer receives the package, they have to “release” the payment (they get a few days to review their purchase and “return it” if it wasn’t as expected) and then it’s transferred into your account. You can request the money in a check (what I do) or keep it in your account if you plan to do any shopping.

I just listed a bunch of new items for spring so I thought I’d share the link to my Poshmark site. Happy shopping AND selling!

The Best Affordable Striped Shirt

If you’re like me, you have a plethora of striped shirts in your closet. There’s something so simple yet stylish about a striped shirt, am I right? Wear it with jeans while running errands or dress it up with a statement necklace for a night out. In my book, a striped shirt is almost a neutral and pairs well with any bottom – brightly colored pants, denim, and even floral patterns. Now personally, I need another striped shirt like I need a hole in the head, BUT an affordable, decent, quality striped shirt is hard to come by these days. I always went for the shirts at J. Crew, and I don’t know about you, but I find they end up getting tiny holes in them if the material is thin or they pill around the armpits if the materials is thicker. So, when in my travels I always seem to have eyes in the back of my head keeping watch for a good-looking striped shirt.


And so the story of this striped shirt is that we were at Target earlier this week and when you’re at Target around 11:30 with a toddler and a baby there is little to no time to be browsing the clothing racks – you have to get in, get what’s on your list, and get out before anyone needs to eat lunch, tinkle, or sees the dollar area. And obviously you should walk a crazy route around the store and avoid the toy aisles at all cost. But, on our way to check out and avoid the dollar area, out of the corner of my eye I spied a great looking striped shirt that I had a gut feeling about and decided immediately I needed it in my closet. I only stopped fast enough to feel the fabric (it’s so soft and thick!), find my size, and throw it on top of our cart. You guys – this is an awesome striped shirt that you need in your closet right now. I love the thickness of the fabric, the scoop neck, and the fabulous exposed zipper in the back – exposed zippers are a favorite of mine.


And it’s only $23!!!!!!!! It’ll be a great transitional piece from now to spring. Run and get yours before they’re gone (I searched for like 15 minutes on and cannot find this shirt online, maybe it’s in store only? It’s Merona brand)! And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just like to report when I find good deals on great striped shirts.

Cold Weather Must-Haves – Scarves

It’s been downright arctic in my neck of the woods lately – what about you? I have found over the years that the more appropriately dressed I am the less the cold bothers me. Gone are the days when I wear my ballet flats year-round (cold ankles!). I also think you really get used to bitter temps. That first terribly cold November day feels like your you will never stop shivering but by January you’re like “eh, what’s 20 degrees, no big deal.” Personally I find the more I’m outside the quicker my body gets used to the cold temps. All of that said… I have some cold weather must-haves that I love and I thought I’d share with you in the next few weeks. This week, everyone’s winter MUST – a scarf! I love a cozy scarf and here are a few that I have and love or are on my “list.”


1. This kate spade Saturday Cableknit Pocket Scarf is genius! You don’t necessarily need gloves, you can just use the little pockets at the bottom of the scarf. 2. A chunky scarf. I love the scarves made by etsy seller LuluLoves. 3. Blanket scarves are all the rage this winter – they’re perfect for travel too when you start off needing a scarf and can convert to a blanket to get even cozier. I like this plaid one from Amazon of all places. There are a million way to wear these, just search on Pinterest. 4. Nothing better than the classic Burberry scarf. I’ve had mine for years and still wear it all the time. 5. Nothing says cozy more than fur. This Toscana shearling infinity scarf from J. Crew could be worn with everything all winter.

What are your favorite scarves?

Make Your Own Madewell Heartbeat Oversized Button-down Shirt


I was poking around the internet for some wardrobe inspiration when I came across this adorable button down from Madewell. Just cute, right? An over-sized button down I could wear with leggings (I love these) or my new faux leather leggings (I bought these).


But $80, really? I decided to take matters into my own hands and simply make my own. It was pretty simple and once the design of the heart was done it was like 20 minutes ladies. I’ll save you the trouble of designing the striped heart in Photoshop like I did and you can save the image below if you want to make your own shirt, too. It’s sized to print on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of iron-on paper, trim the excess paper before you iron on for best results.


Just print on iron-on paper, iron onto an over-sized button down shirt (I used this one from Target), and voila! You have your own Madewell Heartbeat Oversized Button-down for a fraction of the price.


A few notes:
– Be careful of your buttons, it’s not easy to iron-on an image over buttons. I got a shirt with fabric covering the buttons and pockets on the front so I knew I’d have a ton of breaks in the black of the heart so it would be a more rustic look, if you will. If you’re looking for a cleaner look, I suggest removing the buttons before ironing on the image and then re-sweing them back on.
– I used Sharpie (see above image) to fill in a few “too-white” areas, just remember to put a cloth or thick paper in between the front and back of the shirt!
– Don’t do this while distracted! I was distracted by  baby M being cute and therefore burned my shirt a little, bummer! Only hold your iron on your shirt for 20 seconds max.


And because my husband hates taking this sort of photo as much as I hate posing for them – I have a mirror selfie for you showing how I’d style up this shirt. Let me know if you make one!