Toddler Craft Project – Salt Dough Ornaments

I’ve continued to do our monthly toddler crafts with my local Baby Bootcamp franchise (past projects here) but I have been terrible about blogging and sharing them. But this month’s salt dough ornaments are so cute I just had to share!! I thought it would be fun for each kid to make a keepsake itemContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Salt Dough Ornaments”

Designer Sportswear

First there was the announcement of Tory Sport – the new sportswear line by Tory Burch, now comes the Derek Lam 10C line in collaboration with Athleta (which launches online and in stores today). And after perusing the new Bloomingdale’s fall catalog it made me realize just how many designers have jumped on the designerContinue reading “Designer Sportswear”

Toddler Craft Project – Construction Paper Salad

For March’s toddler craft for our local Baby Bootcamp Stroller Friends play date the theme was vegetables since a rep from a local farm was coming to teach the kiddos about vegetables and “eating a rainbow,” so I had to think of something veggie-friendly for our craft. Then I thought if you ask any toddlerContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Construction Paper Salad”

Toddler Craft Project – Valentine’s Day Pasta Necklace

For this month’s toddler craft project I had to do something for Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be cute to put together pasta necklaces that the kids can either wear themselves or give to someone they love like, I don’t know – their moms! And to add an extra level of craftiness to thisContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Valentine’s Day Pasta Necklace”

Toddler Craft Project – Snowflakes

This  month’s toddler craft project for our local Baby Bootcamp Stroller Friends play date is quite timely as we’re about to get 2 feet of snow where we live – we’re making snowflakes! These Popsicle stick snowflakes are great because they are simple to prep and then your toddler has free reign over how they’reContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Snowflakes”

Toddler Craft Project – Marshmallow Snowman

This month’s toddler craft project for our local Baby Bootcamp Stroller Friends play date (you can see last month’s here) is a really cute, really simple snowman made with marshmallows. If your toddler is anything like mine, holiday decorations are where it’s at right now. This little snowman can be strung and hung on yourContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Marshmallow Snowman”

Toddler Craft Project – Turkey Napkin Ring

I am an avid member of the Woburn/Winchester Baby Boot Camp franchise – a fabulous way for moms to get fit! You work out in a boot camp-style class with your kids while they are strapped in their stroller (usually with tons of snacks). It’s an excellent workout and ends up being very social; the kidsContinue reading “Toddler Craft Project – Turkey Napkin Ring”

What to Wear – Workout

We enjoy food in this house – if you read this blog, that is pretty clear. But we also live an active lifestyle to make sure we’re staying healthy and in balance to our foodie nature. We like to bike as a family, go for walks, and do lots of playground time. But my husbandContinue reading “What to Wear – Workout”