On the Hunt – Fashionable Backpack

Ever get obsessed with the idea of something? A current fashion trend that is appealing but you can’t find just the right one. You know what you want, you see an image in your head, but you can’t find it for sale anywhere (or you find it but it’s waaaay more than you want to spend). The perfect army jacket, a chic espadrille, overalls that aren’t frumpy (or $300). I do, all the time. I decided to start a new series here on the blog where I share my hunt with you, some options I’ve hemmed and hawed about, and ultimately what I bought (or if I just plain gave up).

My latest hunt has been for a fashionable backpack – something that is a backpack in function but doesn’t actually look like you’re walking to the school bus stop. Backpacks are ideal for mothers not only to carry all the things but so my hands are totally free for chasing after my wild ones. Luckily they are IN right now, so to speak, so there are tons of options that are no way frumpy or lame. If cost weren’t an issue I would’ve had my backpack months ago – this is pretty much exactly what I’m hunting for. But with what I think is reasonable budget (spend less than $75) I’ve had to go on a serious hunt – most I’ve been finding look like really fake leather or just too traditional of a backpack shape, which is not what I want. Other than price and shape I want something neutral so I can wear it with whatever I have on (ie. not black. It’s hard to find a fashionable backpack that isn’t black). Below are a few that have made the cut.


1. UO Tote Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This is a great option being real leather and $59. The color options aren’t my favorite but the pink seems very neutral and in fact the one review states as such. I love the handles so this can also turn into a tote.

2. The Deux Lux Karma backpack is adorable, love the neutral with the colorful tassel. Negative is that it’s a tad over budget.

3. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This one isn’t real leather but looks pretty decent, I like that it’s neutral with a pop of neon.

4. I love this red Backpack with Zip from Zara but ultimately I think it was too small for my needs.

5. The Casual Backpack from Zara is near perfect – looks leather (Zara does faux leather pretty well), a handle so it can also be a tote, and a really cool look. I didn’t really want black, but maybe I could compromise.

Ok, I haven’t bought one yet, I want your thoughts, which one should I get?! I’m leaning towards #1….

2 thoughts on “On the Hunt – Fashionable Backpack

  1. I’m so excited that backpacks are back in. I still have my Prada backpack (which they still sell) from a million years ago. Thank God, I didn’t sell it. Cannot wait to break it out.


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