I’ve recently realized my clothing collection (so to speak) has grown too large and there were so many items that I just don’t wear anymore but have a lot of life left in them. I did some research and decided for me it was easiest to use an online site to sell some clothes rather than a local second hand store. So, I started listing some things on Poshmark and I can’t recommend it enough (this is NOT a sponsored post)! It’s really easy to use once you download the app. You just take (up to) 4 photos of what you’re selling, write a description and list other details like size, brand, and at what price you’re listing the item.


People search by brand, item (dress, shoes, etc…) and either buy it outright, ask questions through the comments, or make you an offer. So far (I’ve sold seven items) I’ve had a great experience and found things are relatively easy to sell. Some of my items have been listed for a while and I’ve lowered the price and still no bite, but that wasn’t a surprise to me. Other items have gone quickly and still others have gone as soon as I’ve lowered a price and someone who has “liked” the item was alerted of the price decrease and they purchased it right then. I do recommend listing your items in their thrice-daily “parties” where a brand, specific item (say shoe) or style (say party outfit) will be highlighted and you’re free to list any of your items that fit into that category. It just helps bring some attention to your items.

Once the item sells you are alerted via email with a pre-paid shipping label (the buyer pays $4.99 for shipping) attached that you just print and tape on your packaged item and drop at the post office. So easy! Once the buyer receives the package, they have to “release” the payment (they get a few days to review their purchase and “return it” if it wasn’t as expected) and then it’s transferred into your account. You can request the money in a check (what I do) or keep it in your account if you plan to do any shopping.

I just listed a bunch of new items for spring so I thought I’d share the link to my Poshmark site. Happy shopping AND selling!

4 thoughts on “Poshmark

  1. I have been thinking of getting rid of some things and this is perfect. I totally need to check this out. I use to sell on Ebay but had too many problems so I stopped. This sounds great!! Thanks for posting about it.


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