About Me

I’ve always loved a puff sleeve. Photo circa 1985.

The journey to Styled by Jess started with this little girl in the puff sleeve striped sweatshirt. Looking forward to getting dressed for Christmas Day, being excited for back-to-school shopping, loving to have “fashion shows” with my sister after a trip to the mall. As long as I can remember I’ve loved style. Clothes, accessories, shoes – putting together a look before walking out the door. Always experimenting with colors, styles, unique pieces – oh no, every look is not a winner but that’s the fun!


Style has always been part of my every day. Professionally, it took a lot longer to get here. Halfway through college getting a business degree I started taking some art classes and realized I was actually a creative at heart. Ever the practical gal I left college with both a Business and Fine Arts degree, the best of both worlds! After a career in radio marketing followed by years of event fundraising I was finally ready to “retire” and dive into my creative drive. I had 2 small babies and was very burnt out of office life but not fully interested in being a SAHM. I started a lifestyle blog where crafting and style were forefront, I started teaching crafting classes, and finally jumped into my first styling job at a start-up called Mac & Mia. Fellow Stylists and I call the experience of the early days at Mac & Mia a unicorn job where we used our creativity, brand knowledge and love of fashion to grow our children’s clothing styling business. The best of the best learning experience!

Once the company was sold I was at a crossroads for my next path and the dream of turning Styled by Jess into a real gig began. I started working with CouCou Boston to style customers, style seasonal Look Books and create email marketing campaigns and website design. I’m so happy to work with so many long-term styling customers and local small shops!

I hope to add you to the list of wonderful people I help add style to their every day.



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Jessica Jaeger
Personal Stylist
Retail Marketing
Boston | MetroWest
jess@styledbyjess.com @iamstyledbyjess