Halloween Clothes

October is the month of months – perfect weather: it’s cool but you don’t need a jacket, it’s warm but you don’t sweat profusely. Fall flavors: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. Fall clothes: jeans, vests, long sleeve shirts. And Halloween! Kids talk about for months and months what they’re going to be, you find the perfect costume to buy (or make) and then they wait and wait to wear it. There are a few costume-optional events leading up to Halloween (for example we went to Davis Farmland’s weekly Halloween party last weekend and it was great!) but really it’s a painful month of waiting excitement leading up to the one big night. To help things along I’ve picked up a couple cute Halloween clothes for my kiddos to wear all month to get a little of their Halloween fix in. Here’s a round-up of some really cute options. That pumpkin shirt from Target was like $5 or something, definitely snag one before they sell out!



1. Zara Boo dress (Zara has tons of adorable, non-traditional Halloween clothes for kids, check out the whole line!) 2. Target neon orange pumpkin shirt 3. H&M Bat bow tie 4. Old Navy Halloween undies 5. GAP onesie (teething is scary especially when it wakes your baby up at 5am every day for a month…eeeeeek!) 6. Zara ghost pants 7. GAP Halloween socks 8. H&M ghost dress 9. Zara costume party top

The Sixth Fall Fashion Favorite – Lace-up Flats

Remember last week when I pulled together my five favorite fall fashion favorites? Well, turns out there are 6 fall fashion favorites, but SIX didn’t really go with the alliteration of my catchy title so I decided to do a separate post for the sixth favorite. This one is in fact the best of all and the newest trend that you (I am sure) have seen everywhere this summer and now fall. Lace-up flats. All summer it was the lace-up gladiator and now there are adorable lace-up flats everywhere. Do you have a pair? Here are some of my favorites.


Loeffler Randall (if only I actually needed these, love!) / ASOS (I bought these, they run small but are so cute and practical for a SAHM) / ZARA  / Topshop

Topshop / Steve Madden / Anthropologie (this comes in 5 different colors!) / free people

Five Fall Fashion Favorites

Ok, now that it’s officially fall – meaning both the calendar AND the temperatures say so (around here anyway), I thought it was time I share my five fall fashion favorites of 2015.

1. Plaid. Plaid is everywhere lately (even more so than last year) and I have fully started participating. I have been wearing the Old Navy top for weeks, even with white pants in late summer as ta great transitional outfit. Are you buying any plaid for fall?


Old Navy topJ. Crew button down / Boden sweater jacket

2. Slip-on sneakers. This fad isn’t new either but there are SO many options this fall for adorable slip-on style sneakers.


Classic Vans / Red Plaid kate spade / Pricey Michael Kors sneakers / Affordable Target sneakers

3. Backpacks. I told you my story of backpacks and have a few sourced here. By the way, I chose the Urban Outfitters tote backpack and I absolutely love it!

fall-fashion-favorites-bacUO Tote Pack

4. Overalls. I know this trend has been alive for a few seasons now, but I feel like the modern fit and shape (slim and shapely on top, skinny leg) has finally been perfected that you can find really great overalls inexpensively. I bought the black overalls from Old Navy but if cost wasn’t an issue I would have gone for these Citizens of Humanity overalls, but $400, really?


Old Navy black overalls / Citizens of Humanity slim cropped overalls

5. Flair Jeans. I hold on to my clothes for years and years so I actually still have some flare jeans but in case you’re in the market, here are a few great options. My favorite pair of flares from a few years ago were from H&M, their denim is surprisingly great quality and clearly holds up well if I wore them years ago, still have them, and am pulling them out to wear this season.


MadewellH&M / Free People


Those are my Five Fall Fashion Favorites, what are you wearing this Fall?

Designer Sportswear

First there was the announcement of Tory Sport – the new sportswear line by Tory Burch, now comes the Derek Lam 10C line in collaboration with Athleta (which launches online and in stores today). And after perusing the new Bloomingdale’s fall catalog it made me realize just how many designers have jumped on the designer sportswear bandwagon. Is it because women wear leggings too often? And leisurewear seems to be worn as regular clothing – the new sportswear line by Rebecca Minkoff is called Athleisure, she may be on to something… I admit, I splurge for pricey workout pants and a decent sports bra is always a good idea, but overall I don’t know if I’d seek out higher priced designer labels for my sportswear. Or maybe I’m afraid to buy into any of these fancy collabs because then my $5 Old Navy tank or $12 sports bra from TJ Maxx won’t seem so nice anymore, ha!


As NY Fashion Weeks starts this week and we finally see the new Tory Sport Collection, what are you thoughts on the recent surge in designer sportswear?

Images: 1. Cynthia Rowley for Bloomingdale’s / 2. Rebecca Minkoff / 3. Mara Hoffman for Bloomingdale’s  / 4. Derek Lam 10C for Athleta / 5. Trina Turk 

On the Hunt – Fashionable Backpack

Ever get obsessed with the idea of something? A current fashion trend that is appealing but you can’t find just the right one. You know what you want, you see an image in your head, but you can’t find it for sale anywhere (or you find it but it’s waaaay more than you want to spend). The perfect army jacket, a chic espadrille, overalls that aren’t frumpy (or $300). I do, all the time. I decided to start a new series here on the blog where I share my hunt with you, some options I’ve hemmed and hawed about, and ultimately what I bought (or if I just plain gave up).

My latest hunt has been for a fashionable backpack – something that is a backpack in function but doesn’t actually look like you’re walking to the school bus stop. Backpacks are ideal for mothers not only to carry all the things but so my hands are totally free for chasing after my wild ones. Luckily they are IN right now, so to speak, so there are tons of options that are no way frumpy or lame. If cost weren’t an issue I would’ve had my backpack months ago – this is pretty much exactly what I’m hunting for. But with what I think is reasonable budget (spend less than $75) I’ve had to go on a serious hunt – most I’ve been finding look like really fake leather or just too traditional of a backpack shape, which is not what I want. Other than price and shape I want something neutral so I can wear it with whatever I have on (ie. not black. It’s hard to find a fashionable backpack that isn’t black). Below are a few that have made the cut.


1. UO Tote Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This is a great option being real leather and $59. The color options aren’t my favorite but the pink seems very neutral and in fact the one review states as such. I love the handles so this can also turn into a tote.

2. The Deux Lux Karma backpack is adorable, love the neutral with the colorful tassel. Negative is that it’s a tad over budget.

3. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This one isn’t real leather but looks pretty decent, I like that it’s neutral with a pop of neon.

4. I love this red Backpack with Zip from Zara but ultimately I think it was too small for my needs.

5. The Casual Backpack from Zara is near perfect – looks leather (Zara does faux leather pretty well), a handle so it can also be a tote, and a really cool look. I didn’t really want black, but maybe I could compromise.

Ok, I haven’t bought one yet, I want your thoughts, which one should I get?! I’m leaning towards #1….

Ribbon Hair Accessory DIY


I have another great DIY craft for you today using Offray ribbon. Last month I made some hair bows, but sometimes you want something a little less dramatic for your little one’s (our your) hair so I came up with this super easy, super cute idea for a simple ribbon hair accessory made with a barrette.


To make this ribbon hair accessory you will need: about 2 feet of 2 colors of 1/4″ or less width ribbon, scissors, barrettes with an open center, I bought these on Amazon.


Cut your ribbon and lay the ribbon on top of each other in the center of the top of the barrette where the seam of the barrette is (opposite of the opening).


Start weaving the ribbon through the open center of the barrette. Weave each side through and when you do the next weave the second color will show.


Continue weaving until you get to the other side of the barrette. Adjust ribbon as needed so no metal is showing through.


Tie in a knot at the end to secure in place and cut ribbon to desired length. So cute!


Thank you to Offray for sponsoring this post! And thank you for supporting the brands that support Styled by Jess.

The Most Flattering Bathing Suit – EVER

I am known to exaggerate a tad for the benefit of a good story, but I promise you the title of this post is no exaggeration. I also must be up front and let you know that I did not discover this flattering bathing suit on my own, it was my friend Amelia who let me know. In fact, a couple weeks ago we were meeting for dinner and waiting at the bar for our third friend to arrive. We were lamenting that we are of a certain age and how I’ve had 2 children and finding a flattering bathing suit is just impossible these days when Amelia alerted me that the most flattering bathing suit ever is the mesh inset microgoddess bandeau one-piece from….TARGET, no less.


I went online on my phone and bought the suit right then and there without even trying it on and let me tell you…this weekend I wore the suit to the beach for the first time and I felt like a million bucks. In fact, I was hit on (as witnessed by my mother) while at the beach with my 2 children, cute husband, and parents – that’s not a usual scenario for being hit on, am I right? It was the suit! You must order one immediately, it will change your summer.


You can wear the suit strapless or with a thing around the neck and I went with the latter based on the fact that I’d be swimming with and chasing after my 2 small children. There’s something about the mesh part (the shape and the material) that is so flattering and a little sexy – which I don’t usually go for with bathing suits these days (aforementioned 2 small children) but hey, why not? Anyway, just thought I’d give you the heads up – think of this as a general PSA on flatting bathing suits – YOU’RE WELCOME!