DIY Embellished Baseball Cap


Ever have a broken statement necklace that is beyond repair and looking to do something with it? DIY embellished baseball cap, my friends! I’ve had this necklace from Ann Taylor for years and wore it with a million different things until one day it snapped – the necklace part was quite thin silver with more faux diamond jewels on it so I wasn’t too surprised when it just fell apart. But I love the beaded area with the coral, pink, and lilac gems and didn’t want to just toss the whole thing. Then I kept seeing caps like this and this while I was out and about and a light-bulb went off – embellish a baseball cap with the broken necklace!


There’s not much of a tutorial, really. I just found this gray baseball cap at Old Navy and used gray thread to sew the necklace onto the front of the cap. The necklace had what were almost like branches holding the beads together so I just sewed over every “branch” to make the necklace as secure as possible.


I love it! Can’t wait to wear it out this summer – I happen to have loads of that orange/coral color.

Hand-Painted Bead Necklace Craft Class

I held my first Arlington Community Education craft class of the season last night and it was a blast! We had an intimate group of ladies and we crafted, chatted, and made beautiful hand-made gold leaf frames. Everyone walked away with an adorable frame of their own.


The next class is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9 – register today! In this class we will be hand-painting wooden beads to create these adorable necklaces. Statement necklaces just make the outfit – how much fun would it be to create your own? Come find out!


For more information on this and the other Once and Done classes, check out my original post.

Hand Painted Wooden Bead Necklace


I have been SO excited to share my latest DIY with you – a hand painted wooden bead necklace! The idea of painting wooden beads has been floating around in my head for some time and I finally had some time to pick paint colors and go to work. I love how this necklace came out and can’t wait to make more. Watch out friends and family – you may be receiving a hand painted wooden bead necklace for Christmas this year!

Materials-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-NecklaceFor this project you will need: wooden beads, paint (I love the Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface craft paint), paint brushes, a string and clasp for the necklace, and needle-nose pliers for the clasp.


Painting-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-Necklace-1First – paint your beads! I went with a color scheme of white, black, green, and gold. It’s best to paint your base coat first then let dry completely.



The toughest part of this DIY is painting the wooden beads because you’ll want to create some sort of apparatus to hold the bead as you paint. Two suggestions that I used: 1. stick the bead on the end of another paint brush or 2. use 2 skewers (or similar object) putting each inside the bead on either side (see above). Oh, and to let them dry I stuck the skewers into a jar of popcorn kernels, it worked perfect.


Painting-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-NecklaceOnce your base coat is dry, you can add details like stripes, polka dots, chevron pattern if you’re fancy! I ended up doing stripes free-hand (and they turned out a little shaky) but I used the end of a lollipop stick to make uniform polka dots. Let your hand painted wooden beads dry overnight and then you’re ready to make them a necklace, this is the easy part.



First, put your clasp on one end of your string. I like to use a clasp where instead of tying the string to each half of the clasp, your crimp/pinch the metal closed to secure the string.


Stringing-Beads-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-Necklace-2Then thread your beads and put on the second half of the clasp.


Wearing-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-NecklaceI love this necklace! I’ve worn my hand painted wooden bead necklace already with a simple black tee….


Wearing-Hand-Painted-Wooden-Bead-Necklace-1…and a buttoned chambray shirt. An adorable statement necklace, don’t you think?