Margherita Kids by Margherita Missoni

Have you seen the adorable new line of clothes from Margherita Missoni (of the Missoni family)? It’s very sweet. I found out about the line from the article in the March issue of Vogue, read a portion of it here. It was a sweet article basically saying that since Margherita has had her son (he is 18 months old and she is pregnant with their second) she moved to the country to escape the hustle and bustle of Milan and give her children a calmer life in the country where she grew up with the family that loves him. So sweet, and really what all of us looking for – to give our kids a happy life! Anyway, she was inspired to create a line of clothing that was both chic and durable (since items are washed sooo many times), which is just so practical.


Here are some highlights from the collection for both baby boys and girls and girls to size 7. It’s very moderately priced, on par with crewcuts I’d say, and therefore makes sense that it’s on sale at Nordstrom here in the US. I am debating the coordinating fish print shirt (for M) and skirt (for Z) for the summer. How cute would they look?!

NORDSTROM - Shop Kids' Clothing for Spring Break

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