DIY Embellished Baseball Cap


Ever have a broken statement necklace that is beyond repair and looking to do something with it? DIY embellished baseball cap, my friends! I’ve had this necklace from Ann Taylor for years and wore it with a million different things until one day it snapped – the necklace part was quite thin silver with more faux diamond jewels on it so I wasn’t too surprised when it just fell apart. But I love the beaded area with the coral, pink, and lilac gems and didn’t want to just toss the whole thing. Then I kept seeing caps like this and this while I was out and about and a light-bulb went off – embellish a baseball cap with the broken necklace!


There’s not much of a tutorial, really. I just found this gray baseball cap at Old Navy and used gray thread to sew the necklace onto the front of the cap. The necklace had what were almost like branches holding the beads together so I just sewed over every “branch” to make the necklace as secure as possible.


I love it! Can’t wait to wear it out this summer – I happen to have loads of that orange/coral color.

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