Halloween Clothes

October is the month of months – perfect weather: it’s cool but you don’t need a jacket, it’s warm but you don’t sweat profusely. Fall flavors: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. Fall clothes: jeans, vests, long sleeve shirts. And Halloween! Kids talk about for months and months what they’re going to be, you find the perfect costume to buy (or make) and then they wait and wait to wear it. There are a few costume-optional events leading up to Halloween (for example we went to Davis Farmland’s weekly Halloween party last weekend and it was great!) but really it’s a painful month of waiting excitement leading up to the one big night. To help things along I’ve picked up a couple cute Halloween clothes for my kiddos to wear all month to get a little of their Halloween fix in. Here’s a round-up of some really cute options. That pumpkin shirt from Target was like $5 or something, definitely snag one before they sell out!



1. Zara Boo dress (Zara has tons of adorable, non-traditional Halloween clothes for kids, check out the whole line!) 2. Target neon orange pumpkin shirt 3. H&M Bat bow tie 4. Old Navy Halloween undies 5. GAP onesie (teething is scary especially when it wakes your baby up at 5am every day for a month…eeeeeek!) 6. Zara ghost pants 7. GAP Halloween socks 8. H&M ghost dress 9. Zara costume party top

Cold Weather Must Haves – Coats

With the groundhog seeing his shadow yesterday, winter is here to stay for (at least) another 6 weeks. Plus, in the northeast we got another foot and a half of snow and we’re sort of at the point when you think you’ll never see the ground ever again. That said, I hope you have a great coat to make you warm and toasty when you go outside. Winter coats are like sweaters in that they often make you feel giant and bulky but below are a bunch that are warm and cute and you won’t mind wearing for the next 6 months weeks.


1. THE coat of the season (which I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas!!). The J. Crew Chateau parka is so warm and so chic. I have loved wearing it for the past month and it’s the only thing keeping me going through all these snow storms.  2. Duffle coats are so classic and always remind me of the loveable Paddington Bear. I love this Duffle Coat with Drop Waste from Asos, it’s a little dressier and feminine than the usal boxy shape of a duffle coat. 3. Fur is warm but oh so expensive! Here’s a fun faux fur option from Topshop that won’t break the bank. 4. Puffy coats are obviously super warm but can look shapeless. I love this Down Anorak with Furry Hood from Zara because of the addition of a skinny belt to highlight your waist. 5. Leather is stylish, but not always warm but this Marc New York Distressed Faux Shearling Coat is both! 6. This Fur-trim Camo Puffer from GAP is a more casual coat, so cute for bitter cold days!

Cold Weather Must Haves – Sweaters

Last week I started a cold weather must haves series and shared with you all my favorite scarves. This week I wanted to share the best sweaters for cold weather. We all want to stay warm without feeling and looking super frumpy – which is tricky to do! You of course have to shop for your body type. I have narrow shoulders so turtlenecks are good for me. If you have a larger bust a nice v-neck would be great. Cardigans are good for all and even better for layering!


1. I recently got this iceblock turtleneck sweater when Madewell sale items were an extra 40% off and I LOVE it. The colors are great, it lands at just the right spot under your hips, and it’s boxy without being shapeless. 2. These long drapey cardigans aren’t always the most flattering but they sure are cozy. Try one made of a thinner material like the draped cardigan from Zara so it’s not quite as bulky. 3. The perfect apres ski sweater from J. Crew. Adorable, right? I’d wear with bright color jeans and boots. 4. Stripes and elbow patches! Nothing to not love about this sweater from J. Crew Factory. 5. I love bold colors and what better way to wear them in winter than this abstract fair isle sweater from J. Crew. 6. Cable knit is the most class sweater and I love the shape of this one from GAP. Ps. All of these sweaters are on sale (and some with an extra percent off!).

What sweaters are you wearing this winter?

What to Wear – Working from Home

Now that my Z is here, I work part-time and excitingly – from home! It sounds like a dream to work from home – roll out of bed, work, work, work, run to the kitchen for coffee, throw in some laundry, work, make yourself lunch in your own kitchen, work, etc…

Well – sometimes the motivation to do that list is hard. I quickly learned that for me, I needed a separate work space (and comfortable, pretty chair, too), defined work hours, and most importantly – shower and dress like I am working with other people in person. You just need that start to your day, that sense of being put-together to have the motivation to be productive. And let me tell you, now that there is NO water cooler chat in my day I am super efficient with my work time.

I’d love to share with you today what I wear when I am working from home – it certainly isn’t the most professional business attire, but it’s put together, fashionable, and makes me not look like I spend the entire day in my own home.


1. A comfy, stylish top that won’t wrinkle is key while you’re working all day, mostly sitting at a computer. I love this Centerstitch Tee in yellow from Anthropologie; 2. Dyed Linen Scarf with Contrasting Stripe from Zara in case your home office space is cold; 3. Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need accessories – this J. Crew Crystal and Neon Chevron Bracelet would be great for this outfit; 4. Bottomless cup of delicious homemade coffee in a Marimekko Unikko Turquoise Mug from Crate & Barrel; 5. My work from home uniform usually includes a pair of skinny leg pants in a pattern or color. I love these black and white printed legging skimmer jeans from GAP; 6. Fun stamps from Urban Outfitters to keep yourself amused; and 7. I love these Slingback Boardwalk Sandals from Madewell, easy to throw on at the end of the day when I’m dashing out of the house to pick up Z at the end of my work day.

I was excited to be included in this group of bloggers all writing on the same subject today! Be sure to click through their posts too and get really inspired to still dress snazzy while you’re working from home.

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What to Wear – Banana Republic Milly Collection

Have you checked out the new Banana Republic Milly Collection? I went on Thursday night, there was a small reception at the Banana Republic in Copley Square where they provided a little snack and beverage as you shopped. I also had the 25% off coupon for Milly items – score! Overall I liked the collection, I would say most of the shapes and cuts of the clothes seemed very Banana Republic while the fabric patterns were more Milly, so overall a true collaborated line. I tried on a few things, and thought the dresses were all really great. I’m not in the market for a dress though, so I ended up getting this cute top. This cut is always very flattering on me and since it also came in petites it was a good fit lengthwise too. In person, the top is so cute, it’s a pinky/coral color with white lace over – delicate and sweet, perfect for a summer evening out. Here is how I will be styling my new top from the Banana Republic Milly Collection:


1. Banana Republic Milly Collection Circle Embroidered Top; 2. kate spade Tickle the Ivories Idion Bangle; 3. kate spade Garden Grove Hinge Bangle in white; 4. Golf Leather tote from Gap; 5. Cropped Matchstick jean from J. Crew; 6. Zoya nail polish in Maya – a pretty bright pink/coral nail polish to coordinate with the BR/Milly top; and 7. Dr. Scholl’s Original Sandals from Nordstrom. I have these in black and LOVE them!