kate spade Saturday and West Elm

I’m a day late since this collaboration officially launched yesterday, but have you seen the kate spade Saturday and West Elm collaboration? It’s so fun. I’ve loved Saturday since it launch a couple years ago and have a dress and their infamous weekender bag (my hubby got me one for Christmas!). I find the design prints of Saturday interesting and colorful, 2 adjectives I appreciate in both my style and home decor. Saturday has a few housewares so it only makes sense they’d team up with someone like West Elm to take home decor a few steps further. I’ve shared some of my favorite items below but you can check out the entire collection here.


The Anders Chair in kate spade Saturday floral print. I want to decorate an entire room around this chair.


kate spade Saturday Small Scale Maze Dhurrie Rug. This is the quintessential ks Saturday print and I love that made it into a rug! I have a dress in this print, too.


They make this kate spade Saturday Globe Table Lamp in a floor lamp too but I think it would look so adorable on a desk, right?


They also have tons of artwork that I found to be slightly overpriced, but this one made me smile. #iwish

The Nursery!

I have been talking about showing you the baby’s nursery for weeks now and I am finally doing it! It’s been pretty much set but I was waiting to get a couple pieces of artwork up on the walls. I ordered prints from Society 6 that turned out to be odd sizes and had trouble getting just the right frames. But one is hung so I called it ready to be photographed! By the way…it’s a boy! I realized I had never formally announced that here on the blog so I thought I’d start with that because having a boy obviously helped decide the color scheme. I went with blue and green with a hint of gray for the color scheme of his room. I guess you could say the theme is polka dots, too since lots of things are polka-dotted in white. We painted the walls Cress Green by Behr paint, and by “we” I mean I picked the color and my husband did the painting.


We used the nursery furniture from Z’s room (she already transitioned to a toddler bed and got a big girl dresser for her clothes) and then I found an adorable blue polka dotted changer pad cover at Land of Nod and that sort of confirmed the color scheme. You can see one of the prints I mentioned above called “Tickle Monster” and since we’re big ticklers in this house, we thought it was just perfect to hang here. Once baby brother is here, I will put a photo of the four of us in this polka dot frame you may recognize from a post a couple weeks ago (the print and frame aren’t hung yet but I wanted to include them in the shot anyway).

Changer pad cover – Land of Nod / Basket – Home Goods / “Tickle Monster” Print – Society 6 / DIY Polka dot frame / Gray chevron toy chest – Home Goods


This is the cozy corner with a small bookcase (that needs some books!), lamp, and recliner chair that used to be in Z’s room. We bought the bookcase at an unfinished wood furniture store and my husband painted it. The second print is hung here above the bookcase – this one is of little superheros and the alphabet and it doesn’t look quite so tiny in person, must be the angle of the photo I took.

Recliner – Babies R Us / Green throw – Target / Bookcase – Unfinished Furniture Store / “Superhero Alphabet” Print – Society 6 / Lamp – old / Stuffed Dinosaur – Anthropologie

baby-boy-nursery-3For the one window in the room we used a simple white curtain rod to match the white trim with blue polka dot sheer curtain panels and a room darkening shade for naptime (pardon the old, ugly window AC unit!). I couldn’t find any curtain tiebacks I liked so I used green striped ribbon from a gift we received and made them myself. The rug was a lucky find on Gilt and is one of my favorite things in the room.


Curtains – Land of Nod / Curtain rod – Bed Bath & Beyond / DIY Curtain tiebacks / “Play” Rug – Momeni rugs (found on a Gilt sale)


And now – the accent wall! I thought it would be fun to use some wall stickers and polka dot one of the nursery walls, I just love how it came out! I found a matching crib sheet to the changer pad cover and a simple crib skirt to bring it all together. I think our little guy is going to LOVE his room!

Crib sheet – Land of Nod / Crib skirt – Target / Polka dot wall stickers – Brickyard Buffalo find / Floor lamp – Target / Dinosaur nightlight – Home Goods


Time for Mom

Backyard in Bloom

Four o’clock is referred to as the witching hour at our house. By four in the afternoon our little Z has had it with the day, she: gets hungry, gets thirsty, gets bored, gets antsy, and could really use a nice distraction. So, at four o’clock most days you’ll see us around town running errands, at the park, riding her *bike, or – if we’re especially desperate – just walking around our yard, doing laps around the house, picking up sticks, investigating the grass and other such exciting things. One recent four o’clock hour Z and I were making our way around the yard and I happened to take notice of all sorts of pretty blooms in our yard! I got out my camera and snapped some pics to share with you!


Red roses! I didn’t even know we had this plant. I vaguely remember buying a rose plant when we first bought our house almost five years ago, but I thought it died. Apparently not. There were buds everywhere, I can’t wait to have home-grown red roses in our house soon.



We also have white rhododendron in our side yard!



Peonies are just my favorite flower. Here is one plant with the magical ants all over it getting the plant ready to bloom.



Here is another just about ready to pop.



And here is one that has just started to open!



Here’s my little Z with her favorite backyard bloom…

Brimfield Antique Show Recap

For the first time ever, I went to the Brimfield Antique Show over the weekend. From what I had read and heard it’s miles upon miles of antiques dealers, interesting food vendors, and hidden treasures everywhere. I got up super early, got Starbucks for the road, and met up with my mom and sister – Brimfield seems like a good ladies day out, right? We even drove in my dad’s giant SUV with half the backseat folded down to ensure we maximized the space we had for all our found treasures.

We arrived, found a parking lot fairly quickly, and started our hunt – that’s what you do at the Brimfield Antiques Show, hunt for treasures. Right off the bat, I found what would be my only purchases of the day, 3 adorable antique brooches. One very colorful with blues and oranges and a set of white flowers, 1 small, 1 large. From there we really dove in to the side streets filled with things like antique croquet sets, more jewelry and clothes, lots of furniture, some art, and – quite honestly – a lot of junk. I would categorize what we found into 3 categories 1. Odd (see giant foot below), 2. Over-priced (see the expensive, albeit beautiful, handmade birch lamp below), or 3. Junk (I didn’t really photograph the junk). Honestly, it was an experience and we had a fun day – and the people watching was of course amazing. Not sure I would go again unless I was in the market for a few different things like antique furniture or if I started collecting something like Fiestaware or antique skis (see below).

Here are some photo highlights of the day, can you believe we all happened to wear silver shoes?

brimfield-fair-5brimfield-fair-6brimfield-fair-1brimfield-fair-2  brimfield-fair-10brimfield-fair-3   brimfield-fair-8brimfield-fair-4   brimfield-fair-7brimfield-fair-9

Have you ever been to the Brimfield Fair? What was your experience?

Couple Things…

Hope your week was good!  As you may have noticed my site was down for a few days, so frustrating.  I had a little trouble with my website hosting service but we’re all good now.  We got to spend so much time outside this week which was great. Our Z is just big enough now to enjoy the playground!  Well, it’s a mini playground with a mini slide and a mini table and chairs but she LOVES it and I LOVE taking her, she squeals in delight as we drive up – what’s cuter than that? Here is a photo recap of our week:


She found the Swiffer!



My husband and I had a date night this week and attended a class on how to make croissants. We came home with croissants AND dough to make many more… more on this on Monday’s post!



We went out to dinner and Z’s meal came with a Hoodsie – her first Hoodsie, I think we were more excited than she was.  She wouldn’t eat it, she just picked at it with the little wooden spoon thing.  I’ll have to tell her someday that she refused to eat sweets at this age…I’m not complaining and am sure it won’t last long!



It was finally warm enough around here to wear sandals earlier this week!



Maxine made her way to her favorite hiding/nap spot in our bedroom.  I was in the room for about 10 minutes until I knew she was there!  We have a bell around her neck for a reason, she’s sneaky that Maxine…


Here are a few fun links – have a great weekend!!

Hunger Games will be filming in Boston this fall!

A little photo tour of Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton home.

How to find a 25th hour in your day!

Here’s Gwyneth looking fabulous and fashionable on her book tour.

Just a little PSA about skin cancer – get your moles checked!!

And I’ll end with this little prank aimed at all of us who love to Instagram pics of our food, ha! I love when he brings in his lighting guy.


Couple Things…

I just have a few photos to share this week and they’re mostly from Easter Sunday.  We had a trying few days with a grumpy/tired/teething/whining girl and days like that don’t seem to beget many photos. She seems to have gotten out of her funk though just in time for the weekend! I have some fun girl plans Saturday night (shower and mom’s night out!) but other than that we’ll be doing some good old hanging out as a family.


Here is a photo from our first egg hunt on Easter Sunday, Z kept the ears on the entire time and found all 8 hidden eggs all by herself!



We did seem to capture a nice family photo at our second egg hunt of the day and look how proud she was of herself after gathering another 6 eggs at our Church egg hunt!



We brought this orange and poppy seed cake to Easter dinner and it got rave reviews, you should definitely try the recipe!



Look at this face! Even when we have a bad week of moody grumpiness and I remember just how hard this parenting thing is…I am always reminded that she is just the best thing ever.  =)


Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links:

After Z’s crazy days I immediately bought this book.  Have you read it?  Was it worth buying?

New Great Gatsby trailer – can’t wait to see this movie!

We just bought our Z a play kitchen, but the link to this DIY one has been floating around this week, I love it!

RIP Roger Ebert.

Game of Thrones’ Facebook page.


“Spoon,” a Children’s Book

We have a new favorite bedtime book in our house!


I saw this on Amazon and knew it would be a hit.  Our Z is a big chef!  She loves to stir, help cook, and try new things



So when I saw this book about a kitchen utensil I knew it would be a hit.  The plot is about a sad little spoon unhappy with his “boring life” as compared to his friends – the exciting knife, unique chopsticks, and more.



But then his mom and dad help him realize he has exciting things in his life too – like diving into a bowl of ice cream!



And we love any book that sends our Z off to have sweet dreams…

We can’t wait to read Chopsticks next.

*all photos by me of Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Illustrations by Scott Magoon.

Couple Things…

What a week!  There were a couple annoyances – I had an allergic reaction to Aspirin (I know, weird) and then later in the week slipped on ice and hurt my elbow…but we had some great things too – I met some old friends for dinner one night and then I had a night in with Z the next night when my husband met up with his pals.  Here are some other highlights from the week:


We celebrated our heritages in food: Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s day (I’m Irish) and Italian pastries on St. Joseph’s Day (my husband is 1/2 Italian [and 1/2 German]).



We ate linguini on our girls night in.  =)



I was at an event at the Ritz this week where they had individually wrapped jelly beans – so cute!



Someone has learned how to slam doors and has too much fun doing so.


I hope you have a great weekend, here are some links from the week:

I am not embarrassed to say one of our big weekend plans is to try the newly open Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill.  Here are some ordering tips if you’re going there too.

Congratulations Worcester, MA!  But you may have snow til May.

This blue suit from Zara is fab, I wish I had somewhere to wear it!

From Vogue.com, how to look better on screen when you Skype!



I Need a Pouf

Our family room is long with a step down in the middle which creates the feel of two separate rooms.  The top level is where we have our desktop computer, bookshelves and toys and therefore where our Z spends a lot of her time.  The lower level has our couch, TV, coffee table and a couple other odds and ends (this is where Maxine the cat hangs out, see below).


There is an interesting phenomenon with this set-up when we have guests over…everyone sits on the floor of the upper level.  Whether it’s to get down to play with the kids or to sit on the step and watch a sporting event on TV, the ground of our upper level is almost always a guest seat.

Tufted Spots pouf from Nordstrom at Home

So, when I saw this adorable pouf on Pinterest, I was sold.  What a perfect piece to have in the family room to be a sometimes-table-surface and a sometimes-guest-seat so they don’t have to sit on the floor.  And it’s orange!  Which I’ve mentioned is the color of our family room and it would coordinate perfectly.  But, even after speaking with a rep from Nordstom at Home, I was told tragically this pouf in orange is sold out – they will not get any more in stock – ever.

And now I am on the hunt for a replacement.  Here are some contenders, what do you think?CB2-stripe-woven-swoon-poufThis striped blue one from CB2.  I like the handle, it’s totally moveable.



This Pull Up a Pouf from Land of Nod is really cute and the color would coordinate with our couch.



Also from Land of Nod this Grey Herringbone pouf, but not sure I like grey.



The pouf collection at West Elm, especially this Bazaar Pouf, is fantastic – but I’m not spending $249.



Cute chevron pattern from an etsy seller – she has tons of colors and patterns, so maybe this is the way to go.


Couple Things…

What a week – you can definitely tell Spring is in the air…that foot of snow we got last Friday is just about gone!  This weekend we’re excited to hit the slopes for probably one last time this season and then we’re going to a little birthday party for my niece (turning 6!!) and my nephew (already 3!!). Time flies, huh?

Here is a photo recap of our week:


Two words: PLAY KITCHEN!


ikea-visit (2) ikea-visit3ikea-visit (1)ikea-visit-4

We got the above mentioned play kitchen at Ikea and kind of had a blast while we were there.  Z tried out every table and chair in the kid section, look how serious she took it!  I also thought this rug would be fab if I had a home in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or that neck of the woods.


bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-1 bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-2bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-4bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-3

I went to a fun afternoon tea/fashion show at Bloomingdale’s with my friend Amelia. The tea part was great, the fashion show could’ve used a little more fashion (only 15 looks!). I wore my favorite J.Crew bow pants.



We went out for sushi!  This photo is deceivingly calm…the restaurant where we ate didn’t have high chairs so while we were chop sticking and dunking into soy sauce, our munchkin was ripping apart the table.  It was what they call “a disaster.”  At one point my husband grabbed bungee cords from the car to bungee her to a seat…yeah, that didn’t work either.


Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

Shake Shack Chestnut Hill opens Wednesday 3/20 – can’t wait to try!

More Jenna Lyons from J. Crew, I love those glitter-heeled shoes…

Clothes do make the man, at least this character from Girls.

Aren’t these flower-print shoes adorable?  They would be great with what I’m thinking of wearing for Easter…