Couple Things…

What a week!  There were a couple annoyances – I had an allergic reaction to Aspirin (I know, weird) and then later in the week slipped on ice and hurt my elbow…but we had some great things too – I met some old friends for dinner one night and then I had a night in with Z the next night when my husband met up with his pals.  Here are some other highlights from the week:


We celebrated our heritages in food: Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s day (I’m Irish) and Italian pastries on St. Joseph’s Day (my husband is 1/2 Italian [and 1/2 German]).



We ate linguini on our girls night in.  =)



I was at an event at the Ritz this week where they had individually wrapped jelly beans – so cute!



Someone has learned how to slam doors and has too much fun doing so.


I hope you have a great weekend, here are some links from the week:

I am not embarrassed to say one of our big weekend plans is to try the newly open Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill.  Here are some ordering tips if you’re going there too.

Congratulations Worcester, MA!  But you may have snow til May.

This blue suit from Zara is fab, I wish I had somewhere to wear it!

From, how to look better on screen when you Skype!



I Need a Pouf

Our family room is long with a step down in the middle which creates the feel of two separate rooms.  The top level is where we have our desktop computer, bookshelves and toys and therefore where our Z spends a lot of her time.  The lower level has our couch, TV, coffee table and a couple other odds and ends (this is where Maxine the cat hangs out, see below).


There is an interesting phenomenon with this set-up when we have guests over…everyone sits on the floor of the upper level.  Whether it’s to get down to play with the kids or to sit on the step and watch a sporting event on TV, the ground of our upper level is almost always a guest seat.

Tufted Spots pouf from Nordstrom at Home

So, when I saw this adorable pouf on Pinterest, I was sold.  What a perfect piece to have in the family room to be a sometimes-table-surface and a sometimes-guest-seat so they don’t have to sit on the floor.  And it’s orange!  Which I’ve mentioned is the color of our family room and it would coordinate perfectly.  But, even after speaking with a rep from Nordstom at Home, I was told tragically this pouf in orange is sold out – they will not get any more in stock – ever.

And now I am on the hunt for a replacement.  Here are some contenders, what do you think?CB2-stripe-woven-swoon-poufThis striped blue one from CB2.  I like the handle, it’s totally moveable.



This Pull Up a Pouf from Land of Nod is really cute and the color would coordinate with our couch.



Also from Land of Nod this Grey Herringbone pouf, but not sure I like grey.



The pouf collection at West Elm, especially this Bazaar Pouf, is fantastic – but I’m not spending $249.



Cute chevron pattern from an etsy seller – she has tons of colors and patterns, so maybe this is the way to go.


Couple Things…

What a week – you can definitely tell Spring is in the air…that foot of snow we got last Friday is just about gone!  This weekend we’re excited to hit the slopes for probably one last time this season and then we’re going to a little birthday party for my niece (turning 6!!) and my nephew (already 3!!). Time flies, huh?

Here is a photo recap of our week:


Two words: PLAY KITCHEN!


ikea-visit (2) ikea-visit3ikea-visit (1)ikea-visit-4

We got the above mentioned play kitchen at Ikea and kind of had a blast while we were there.  Z tried out every table and chair in the kid section, look how serious she took it!  I also thought this rug would be fab if I had a home in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or that neck of the woods.


bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-1 bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-2bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-4bloomingdales-boston-globe-tea-fashion-show-3

I went to a fun afternoon tea/fashion show at Bloomingdale’s with my friend Amelia. The tea part was great, the fashion show could’ve used a little more fashion (only 15 looks!). I wore my favorite J.Crew bow pants.



We went out for sushi!  This photo is deceivingly calm…the restaurant where we ate didn’t have high chairs so while we were chop sticking and dunking into soy sauce, our munchkin was ripping apart the table.  It was what they call “a disaster.”  At one point my husband grabbed bungee cords from the car to bungee her to a seat…yeah, that didn’t work either.


Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

Shake Shack Chestnut Hill opens Wednesday 3/20 – can’t wait to try!

More Jenna Lyons from J. Crew, I love those glitter-heeled shoes…

Clothes do make the man, at least this character from Girls.

Aren’t these flower-print shoes adorable?  They would be great with what I’m thinking of wearing for Easter…

Spring has ALMOST Sprung

Since Easter and Passover are early this year (end of March) I feel like things are getting “spring-y” earlier than normal.  And by “getting spring-y” I mean the stores already have their spring decor, clothes, etc… out for sale already. I can’t help but already be getting in a spring-y mood – here are some of my favorites for the upcoming season!


Spring nail polish from Goop and Butter London.
Pottery Barn Easter Multi Dot Napkins, so cute.
J.Crew Collection Gilded Brocade Bomber Jacket – I LOVE this jacket for spring. It’s sold out, but I wonder if it will come back…
babyGAP Knit-waist Skinny Dot Jeans in yellow (I already bought these for Z). 
Ted Baker London metallic oxfords from Nordstrom.  Metallic oxfords are definitely on “my list” for spring.

Check out more spring style ideas on my Pinterest board for my style and baby style.

$10 Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece much like the one I made last Easter using conversation heart candy. I found the candy on sale 2/$6 and flowers for $4, not bad and so easy to put together:

All you need: Bouquet of flowers, 2 bags of conversation heart candy (I used the large ones), 1 large case, and 1 smaller vase that will fit in the large case with 1/2 an inch space around it.
Put water in the smaller vase and place inside the larger vase.  Start filling around the smaller vase with the candy.
Make sure the “conversation” of the hearts are facing out.  Some of these sayings are just ridiculous…
Arrange your flowers in the smaller vase and voila…$10 centerpiece!

Couple Things…

Made a heart painting at our Bootcamp Mom’s Night Out last night!

Almost the weekend! My husband and I have a date night tonight to see Zero Dark Thirty – not really a date-y movie, but we’re dying to see it.  Then we might hibernate inside the rest of the weekend since it’s going to be freeeeeezing still around here.  Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links:

2-buck Chuck is now $2.49!

Are you a genius?

Have you heard JC Penney gives out free kids haircuts on Sundays?  Pretty sweet.

More casting rumors for 50 Shades of Grey…

Jenny Lyons really does dress America!

Couple Things…

We are still recovering from not being on vacation anymore… I know, what a problem to have.   Have a great long weekend and Martin Luther King, Jr day!

Day of the week nutella we found at the duty free shop in Puerto Rico – yummmmm

Here are some fun links from this week:

My friend Amelia and I predicted this Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration was going to fail…everything was too expensive!

Oh Lance, why?

This drinking mirror app is scary!

A little video commemorating Coldplay’s first live concert (they were called starfish then)…

The 20 worst foods in America 2012…the calorie and fat counts are astounding on some of these!

So cute, kids dressed up as stars at the Golden Globes.