Couple Things…

We don’t have much planned this weekend other than friends coming over for brunch on Sunday.  Have a great one –  here are a few links from around the web this week:

Today is National Spaghetti day – we actually had spaghetti last night made with our favorite homemade sauce.

Some New Year’s Resolution ideas for families. I personally don’t make resolutions but to each his own!

GAP buys Intermix, interesting…

We’re going to make something like this French Toast for our brunch this weekend…yum!

Filling in important dates into this calendar is one of my favorite new year activities.

I am interested in trying Williams-Sonoma’s new wellness line of healthier food.

I am also excited to see the new season of Biggest Loser this weekend – Jillian is back!


Couple Things…

Almost Christmas!  We’re finalizing everything this weekend and visiting some family so we’re back home by Christmas Eve to assemble some toys, have Christmas Eve dinner, and head to church.  Have a great weekend, here are a few fun links from around the web!

christmas mantel

Our decorated mantel.

Wrapping paper that will ruin Christmas present surprises…

This is an icky new trend happening at Broadway shows, gross.

Beauty Queen or nun?  What an interesting life decision.

And last, here are a few ways to help Newtown.

Christmas Decor, part 3: Christmas Place Setting

We are hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my parents again this year, so I thought this year I’d go in another direction for the place setting.  I love how it looks…

I found these colorful placemats at Target (similar here) and I thought the silver stripe in them would complement the silver in our china perfectly.  I then continued on the silver theme and got silver candlesticks from Crate and Barrel sitting atop snowflake coasters.  To finish everything off, I used green napkins with silver napkin rings with red bows – all things I already had.  Now we just have to figure out what to serve…

Couple Things

We had a tough week around here – the stomach flu made its way around early in the week and then our Christmas Tree spontaneously toppled over.  We miraculously only lost 1 sentimental ornament and luckily no one was around when it happened (even the cat, phew!) so no one got hurt.

christmas tree down

Look at Christmas Goofy in the middle of the floor, laying on his back, screaming “why??!!”

Looking forward to the weekend!  We’ll be doing some last minute shopping and paying a visit to Santa at the mall.  Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

I LOVE these Anthropologie getaway outfit ideas, have you seen them?

West Elm spring line sneak peek – I love the heart mugs!

I’m thinking about getting this dress for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, I love the colors…

Tomorrow is National Cupcake day – no link, just letting you know so you can eat cupcakes all day tomorrow.  =)

What to Wear – Christmas Morning

I was really inspired by these adorable gold polka dot pajamas from Target to create a round up of what to wear Christmas morning. Here’s what I’d like to be wearing (and drinking from!):

1. Polka Dot Pajamas from Target, 2. Santa hat, 3.Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet mouse slippers, 4. Christmas by Michael Buble playing as we open gifts, 5. Starbucks coffee mug, and 6. a warm throw from West Elm, $19 on sale (we have the orange one on our couch).

Christmas Decor, part 2: Teeny Tiny Tree

Here’s my second new Christmas decoration, this time it’s a crafty one!

I always seem to focus on our kitchen table centerpiece as something I want to change up every year for Christmas.  Maybe because we never eat at the table (we have an island we sit at for meals) so the centerpiece is always there.  Or maybe because it’s so easily edited with a different candle or a poinsettia.


Well this year, I found this sweet little tree at West Elm and based the table decor around it.


I  started by making a garland for the tree using mini mardi gras beads in Christmas colors that I found Jo-Ann Fabrics for $1.  I just cut the red beads in half and trimmed the tree.

Then I cut each bead apart from the silver and green necklaces.

Then I put the silver and green beads in the bottom of one of those glass holders for a pillar candle.

Finally, I sat the tree on top of the beads, put it on a silver tray I already had with a poinsettia on either side.