Couple Things…

Hope your week was good!  As you may have noticed my site was down for a few days, so frustrating.  I had a little trouble with my website hosting service but we’re all good now.  We got to spend so much time outside this week which was great. Our Z is just big enough now to enjoy the playground!  Well, it’s a mini playground with a mini slide and a mini table and chairs but she LOVES it and I LOVE taking her, she squeals in delight as we drive up – what’s cuter than that? Here is a photo recap of our week:


She found the Swiffer!



My husband and I had a date night this week and attended a class on how to make croissants. We came home with croissants AND dough to make many more… more on this on Monday’s post!



We went out to dinner and Z’s meal came with a Hoodsie – her first Hoodsie, I think we were more excited than she was.  She wouldn’t eat it, she just picked at it with the little wooden spoon thing.  I’ll have to tell her someday that she refused to eat sweets at this age…I’m not complaining and am sure it won’t last long!



It was finally warm enough around here to wear sandals earlier this week!



Maxine made her way to her favorite hiding/nap spot in our bedroom.  I was in the room for about 10 minutes until I knew she was there!  We have a bell around her neck for a reason, she’s sneaky that Maxine…


Here are a few fun links – have a great weekend!!

Hunger Games will be filming in Boston this fall!

A little photo tour of Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton home.

How to find a 25th hour in your day!

Here’s Gwyneth looking fabulous and fashionable on her book tour.

Just a little PSA about skin cancer – get your moles checked!!

And I’ll end with this little prank aimed at all of us who love to Instagram pics of our food, ha! I love when he brings in his lighting guy.


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