Backyard in Bloom

Four o’clock is referred to as the witching hour at our house. By four in the afternoon our little Z has had it with the day, she: gets hungry, gets thirsty, gets bored, gets antsy, and could really use a nice distraction. So, at four o’clock most days you’ll see us around town running errands, at the park, riding her *bike, or – if we’re especially desperate – just walking around our yard, doing laps around the house, picking up sticks, investigating the grass and other such exciting things. One recent four o’clock hour Z and I were making our way around the yard and I happened to take notice of all sorts of pretty blooms in our yard! I got out my camera and snapped some pics to share with you!


Red roses! I didn’t even know we had this plant. I vaguely remember buying a rose plant when we first bought our house almost five years ago, but I thought it died. Apparently not. There were buds everywhere, I can’t wait to have home-grown red roses in our house soon.



We also have white rhododendron in our side yard!



Peonies are just my favorite flower. Here is one plant with the magical ants all over it getting the plant ready to bloom.



Here is another just about ready to pop.



And here is one that has just started to open!

Here’s my little Z with her favorite backyard bloom…

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