Couple Things…

We’re off to the beach this weekend – trying to make the most of summer before it’s over!  Here are a couple things I found this week I thought I would share…

I love Marimekko prints and am excited that this weekend a Marimekko store is opening on Newbury Street in Boston.

This is a great summer cookie idea…

Have you been watching the Olympics?  We’re addicted in our house!  Have you seen all the athletes and their fun Olympic manicures?

Have you noticed the mini mini coopers at the Olympic track and field events?

Have you been playing the Olympic Google games?  I like the hurdle game best.


Couple Things…

We have a family wedding to go to on Saturday and I can’t wait!  We all have lovely outfits planned – me in a 1-shoulder poppy colored dress, our baby girl in a beautiful red and blue flowered party dress, and my husband in Nantucket red pants and a navy blue blazer – are we going to look ultra preppy or what?  I’m definitely getting a family photo!

Have a great weekend, here are a few fun finds from this week…

Have you seen the size of the safety pin on this shawl?  I don’t think is a fall trend I will participate in…

My friend Martha always blogs about the most helpful things

Have you heard?  The H&M Home Line will be coming to the US this winter, how exciting!

Why have I never made these?

Today is National Watermelon Day!  Here are some great watermelon recipes to try.

Have a great weekend!

Couple Things…

At 12:30pm we are officially on vacation – can you tell I’m excited?!?  A little beach, a little family visit, a lot of relaxing!  Happy Fourth of July week, I have some fun posts planned for you all next week…

Have you read this very interesting (and very long but worth the read) article about women “having it all” or in the case not having it all

What an awesome way to turn out the light!

I really like these simple, white, ceramics from Crate & Barrel, especially this can for storing homemade ice cream…

It’s hard to find really cute clothes with SPF, I LOVE this wrap jacket and it’s UPF 50!


With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, which to me is always the start of summer, I thought I’d do a post on Sunprints!  I have never done these, but it’s such a cool idea.  It’s special paper that you put an interesting shape on (a seashell or feather for example), leave in the sun for a few minutes, and voila, through the power of science you get a cool piece of art:

You can buy a kit online that comes with 12 4 x 4 sheets for $4.95, not bad!  I am definitely making some Sunprints this summer to frame and hand on our walls at home.

PS. Happy Birthday to my MOM!

Single Serving Wine Bottle

Have you ever bought individual serving size bottles of wine?  They are great – you can open one and it’s just one glass of wine.  And the bottles are the cutest size to re-use throughout the house.  I’ve used them as scent diffusers with reeds and of course as vases.  Here’s my latest single serving wine bottle with the last of the forsythia from our yard…


Domino Magazine

Remember Domino Magazine? A fantastic home decorating and style magazine for young, modern women. I loved subscribing so much that for Christmas in 2008 I got my sister a subscription.

Then, in January, 2009 they announced they were ending the magazine because of a lack of advertising…it was a sad day.

Well, they just announced last week that they will publish Domino Quick Fixes, a special edition of the magazine that will hit newsstands April 17th – can’t wait!

Board Book Literary Classics

I thought these books were such a cute idea that I had to get them for our baby girl – classic novels turned into board books for babies! They are from the Babylit Board Book collection.

I picked the board book version of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice for her collection.
The books are both counting books. What they count references the plot of each novel, so the plot isn’t too heavy for your infant but you as the parent can chuckle that she is counting “5 Friends,” for example, with a pic of 5 characters from Romeo & Juliet.

Cute idea!