Super Easy, Super Cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes


Nothing says Easter like Easter Bunny cupcakes, am I right? I am always trying to make on-theme desserts for a certain little pre-schooler and these certainly made her a happy girl. You can make your own cupcakes of course or even just buy undecorated cupcakes from a bakery or grocery store and just add the simple decorations.


You’ll need frosted cupcakes, jelly beans, coconut, black icing, and bunny ears. To make the ears I just cut the shapes from white and pink construction paper and taped them to toothpicks (see? Easy.)


Roll the frosted cupcake top in coconut and make sure it’s fully covered.


Decorate! Halved jelly beans make the perfect eyes and nose for a bunny. Draw whiskers and a mouth with your black icing. Stick in the ears.


Voila – Easter bunny cupcakes to please any/all kiddos. Enjoy!

PS. Easter bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Z Style – Easter Sunday

Easter is always a great time to break out your springiest clothes and get dolled up for your days’ festivities whether there is church involved, maybe an egg hunt, hopefully some ham…this year we have 3 egg hunts on the horizon for Easter Sunday and since my Z has been obsessed with all the plastic “egg-ies” I’ve brought up from storage in the basement, I think she will really enjoy them all!

Back to the springtime outfit though. Last year, I must admit, my Z had the most perfect Easter Sunday outfit, do you remember? This year, since she is in LOVE with her spring jacket, I decided to build her outfit around that – living in New England you never know what you’ll get for Easter weather but I assume a jacket will be necessary. We actually found this dress at GAP Outlet months ago on the same trip as her brown boots and I’ve managed to keep it unworn since then so it can be nice and stain free for Easter. We’ll pair the dress with some white tights and her dressiest shoes. Oh, and a pair of bunny ear hair clips from the Target dollar section – I couldn’t resist!


Bunny ear clips – Target dollar section / Jacket – Missoni for Target (second hand) / Tights – Target / Dress – GAP Outlet / Shoes – Livie & Luca

Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats


I was looking for a quick-fix Easter dessert this week and decided in Rice Krispie treats with a little Easter twist. What’s more classic than a Rice Krispie treat?! They are SO easy to make and generally a crowd pleaser, right? To make these all you do is melt 3 tablespoons unsalted butter with 1 bag of marshmallows. Mix into 6 cups of Rice Krispies (or in my case, the Trader Joe’s version because that’s where I was when I had this idea), cool, cut, serve, enjoy! I mean, c’mon, easiest dessert ever.


For Easter, I just made a little addition. I added (well, my helper did) spring-colored sprinkles with the 6 cups of Rice Krispies so when the marshmallow/butter mixture was poured in, the treats came out looking a little more festive and colorful.


Then, I cut them into bunny shapes instead of squares.


And maybe I used a few candies to add a little more decor.


Either way – they were easy to make and yummy to eat. Enjoy!

Gold Leaf Easter Egg


I thought it would be fun to share a short, simple tutorial on gold leaf now that my class has come and gone. The end result of using gold leaf on something creates a pretty gilded look – but leaf paper is one of the trickiest craft supplies to work with!! If you are interested in gold leafing, I would suggest taking a class and practicing a lot. Leaf paper is so delicate that it tares easily. It can hard to have it “do” exactly what you want it to do. The upside is that it’s easy to layer the leaf paper to get great coverage and as long as you’re not looking for a perfect, smooth look – you will be thrilled with your results.


For a gold leaf project, you will need: Metal leaf spray sealer, gold leaf adhesive, a few paint brushes, metal leaf sheets (I used gold), and of course, the item you are going to add the leaf to – in this case it’s a wooden Easter Egg that has been painted a pretty spring green. Through the links above, you can see I ordered everything through Amazon (we are addicted to Prime) but Martha Stewart makes a fabulous line of leafing products sold at Michaels.


When working with gold leaf, the first step is to prep your surface. If you’re using wood, it’s good to paint it first so it become less porous to absorb all of the adhesive. Next, paint on a thin layer of adhesive with one of the brushes. Let sit until it’s dried a little and slightly sticky. When working with wood as I am here, that’s pretty soon after it’s applied.


Then stick on the leaf paper. Here’s where it can get frustrating. On something like this egg, you will never get a smooth surface of leaf with all the curves of the egg, so I applied it in pieces. Your fingers will get a little sticky, so you can use another clean brush to help smooth the surface, but I much prefer to use my hands and just wash them off a few times throughout the process. Keep gluing, waiting, applying leaf until you have reached your desired coverage.


For this project, I hung the egg (as I did last year and the year before) so I threaded my egg after I was done leafing. The final process in leafing is spraying your piece with the metal leaf spray adhesive to really seal the gold leaf so it won’t rip any further. Do this outside! You don’t want to be breathing this stuff!


And voila! You have successfully used gold leaf to crafted a beautifully gilded item. More Easter crafts next week!

Couple Things…

I just have a few photos to share this week and they’re mostly from Easter Sunday.  We had a trying few days with a grumpy/tired/teething/whining girl and days like that don’t seem to beget many photos. She seems to have gotten out of her funk though just in time for the weekend! I have some fun girl plans Saturday night (shower and mom’s night out!) but other than that we’ll be doing some good old hanging out as a family.


Here is a photo from our first egg hunt on Easter Sunday, Z kept the ears on the entire time and found all 8 hidden eggs all by herself!



We did seem to capture a nice family photo at our second egg hunt of the day and look how proud she was of herself after gathering another 6 eggs at our Church egg hunt!



We brought this orange and poppy seed cake to Easter dinner and it got rave reviews, you should definitely try the recipe!



Look at this face! Even when we have a bad week of moody grumpiness and I remember just how hard this parenting thing is…I am always reminded that she is just the best thing ever.  =)


Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links:

After Z’s crazy days I immediately bought this book.  Have you read it?  Was it worth buying?

New Great Gatsby trailer – can’t wait to see this movie!

We just bought our Z a play kitchen, but the link to this DIY one has been floating around this week, I love it!

RIP Roger Ebert.

Game of Thrones’ Facebook page.


Couple Things…

Happy Friday!  I’m just going to jump into the photo recap of our week since so much happened:


We went to the bike shop to get Z a helmet so we can start doing some family rides.  She immediately fell in love with this teeny tiny Specialized hot pink bike…soon enough baby girl! Then she and daddy took a spin with her new helmet, I think she’s going to like biking…



We went out to dinner at our favorite local B.Y.O.B. Mexican place that we learned finally got their liquor license. We’re disappointed because we like to bring our own bevs! Oh well, the food is great and we all love the chips. (Yes, she is wearing her DIY Peter Pan collar shirt!)


jess-and-betsy-at-birchbox-madewell-party birchbox-madewell-party-2birchbox-madewell-partyselfie-birchbox-madewell-partybirchbox-madewell-party-3

My sister and I went to a fun party at Madewell hosted by Birchbox. They had Pimms cocktails with blueberry, cucumber and mint (a surprisingly great combination), mini cupcakes, Pinkberry, and a braid bar.  So FUN! And we may have bought a couple things for spring…



And our cat Maxine – those sweaters were freshly laundered!


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!  Here are some fun links from the week:

You have to watch this mini-documentary about the Newport Folk Festival!  Dad, you’ll especially enjoy this link if you haven’t seen it already…

This is the best performance by the Backstreet Boys I’ve ever seen…

I love the colors and florals from Zara Home’s Spring line!

If you need some ideas for what to make for Easter Brunch, here you go.

GP has a new cookbook coming out – here is an interview with her about her recipe inspirations.

Easter Crafts

I thought I’d give you a quick recap of all my Easter craft series, but first some related exciting news!  If you read this blog, you know by now that I am a big fan of Martha Stewart – her crafts, her recipes, etc… – I even subscribed to Martha Stewart Living when I was 12 years old!!  Anyway, late last week when I saw her Twitter contest for Easter crafts I thought I’d enter and then she actually re-tweeted the photo of my adorable Easter straws, check it out:


  It’s a thrilling moment when the queen of crafting (or I’m sure it was her staff, but still) thinks your crafts are good enough to share (and by the way, she wasn’t re-tweeting any other entries). Thanks Martha!

Here’s the recap of my Easter Crafts Series:


Easter Straws


Polka Dot Easter Eggs


Colorblock Neon AND Glitter Eggs


Easter Egg Tree

Easter Crafts – Colorblock Easter Eggs

Colorblock in neon AND glitter!  These were so fun to make and fairly easy so you definitely have time to make these before this Sunday.


You’ll need:  eggs (I blew the eggs out, Martha has great directions on how to do so), egg dying kit (I bought the kind you find at the grocery store), Mod Podge, water, glitter, a brush, and a needle and thread.



First, dye your eggs according to your kits’ instructions.  I bought the Paas brand in neon, because why not!



Once your eggs are dyed and dried, string them so you can a) hang them later and b) use the string to help with the glitter steps.



I ended up putting a dot of hot glue on the bottom of each egg to make sure the string stayed secure.



Then it’s time to glitter!  To get the real colorblock look, I covered half of each egg in glitter.  I watered down my Mod Podge a bit and then painted it onto the egg. Make sure you make straight lines so your glitter goes on straight.



Shake on the glitter.



Clean up with a brush.



Hang to dry and decorate your tree (tutorial tomorrow!) and voila – a colorful neon glittery colorblock Easter!

Easter Craft – Polka Dot Easter Egg

polka-dot-easter-egg-6Last year I started a new tradition of decorating a wooden Easter egg for our Z that we can hang every year.  I made a purple egg with white polka dots and frankly, I didn’t love how it came out.  Since we love polka dots in this house, I decided to re-do how to make a polka dot Easter Egg.  This time it was easier and came out looking exactly how I wanted and envisioned.


You’ll need: eggs (I used a wooden egg but you can do this with hard boiled or blown eggs as well), glue dots, glitter, and string to attach and hang the egg.


Before I began decorating, my husband drilled a hole through the wooden egg and I painted it white. I also wrote her name and the date of Easter on the bottom (since we’re saving these year to year). Start by strategically sticking your glue dots on the egg.  Peel back the paper over the sticky part one dot at a time and pour glitter.  These dots are very sticky and the glitter will stick nicely.


Brush off unwanted glitter with a small paint brush.


Now you’re ready to string the egg and hang it!  Stringing your egg can be tricky, this year I used thick thread and then added a matching green bead in between the bottom of the egg and the knot to make sure it stayed in place. Done – cute egg!

PS. I’ll have the how-to next week on the little Easter Egg tree you see here…