Couple Things…

I just have a few photos to share this week and they’re mostly from Easter Sunday.  We had a trying few days with a grumpy/tired/teething/whining girl and days like that don’t seem to beget many photos. She seems to have gotten out of her funk though just in time for the weekend! I have some fun girl plans Saturday night (shower and mom’s night out!) but other than that we’ll be doing some good old hanging out as a family.


Here is a photo from our first egg hunt on Easter Sunday, Z kept the ears on the entire time and found all 8 hidden eggs all by herself!



We did seem to capture a nice family photo at our second egg hunt of the day and look how proud she was of herself after gathering another 6 eggs at our Church egg hunt!



We brought this orange and poppy seed cake to Easter dinner and it got rave reviews, you should definitely try the recipe!



Look at this face! Even when we have a bad week of moody grumpiness and I remember just how hard this parenting thing is…I am always reminded that she is just the best thing ever.  =)


Have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links:

After Z’s crazy days I immediately bought this book.  Have you read it?  Was it worth buying?

New Great Gatsby trailer – can’t wait to see this movie!

We just bought our Z a play kitchen, but the link to this DIY one has been floating around this week, I love it!

RIP Roger Ebert.

Game of Thrones’ Facebook page.


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