DIY Hallowen Costume – Tinkerbell Shoes


Halloween costumes are brought up months in advance in our house and so much thought is given by a certain little pre schooler as to what she will be (as with most kids her age. Or any age, really). So when it was finally decided (and confirmed about 100 times) that she would be Tinkerbell this year, I hunted around and found a great costume on Amazon for her. The costume is adorable, fits her great, and has green wings but we both felt like something was missing…and since I guess I have thing with making the shoes of Halloween costumes (ahem, ruby slippers) we decided she needed a pair of Tinkerbell booties for her costume. Thankfully they were so easy to make with just a few supplies. Here’s how I did it:


You will need: green slipper socks (not pictured, I bought these), scissors, and white yarn.


First, make 2 pompoms. Loop the white yarn around your 4 fingers, then tie about a 3-inch piece of yarn around the middle of your loops. I used 18 feet of yarn, I wanted a very full and fluffy pompom!


Carefully cut the loops at the center on both sides of the middle tie.


Fluff to make a full pompom and trim so all yarn pieces are (roughly) the same length.


To secure he pompom to the green slipper socks I just cut 2 small holes into the sock and tied to pieces are yarn through the holes.

Ps. Final costume reveal on Halloween, sorry!.

Halloween Clothes

October is the month of months – perfect weather: it’s cool but you don’t need a jacket, it’s warm but you don’t sweat profusely. Fall flavors: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. Fall clothes: jeans, vests, long sleeve shirts. And Halloween! Kids talk about for months and months what they’re going to be, you find the perfect costume to buy (or make) and then they wait and wait to wear it. There are a few costume-optional events leading up to Halloween (for example we went to Davis Farmland’s weekly Halloween party last weekend and it was great!) but really it’s a painful month of waiting excitement leading up to the one big night. To help things along I’ve picked up a couple cute Halloween clothes for my kiddos to wear all month to get a little of their Halloween fix in. Here’s a round-up of some really cute options. That pumpkin shirt from Target was like $5 or something, definitely snag one before they sell out!



1. Zara Boo dress (Zara has tons of adorable, non-traditional Halloween clothes for kids, check out the whole line!) 2. Target neon orange pumpkin shirt 3. H&M Bat bow tie 4. Old Navy Halloween undies 5. GAP onesie (teething is scary especially when it wakes your baby up at 5am every day for a month…eeeeeek!) 6. Zara ghost pants 7. GAP Halloween socks 8. H&M ghost dress 9. Zara costume party top

No Carve Jack O’Lantern


If you’re like us, you wait until Halloween to carve your pumpkin into a Jack O’Lantern. Maybe it’s tradition but it’s also because the second you carve that pumpkin is starts to rot and doesn’t last too long (especially because it always seems to be rainy around Halloween too, right?). Well, this year – after a very persistent toddler kept telling me we needed to, we made our pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns weeks before Halloween! I used this great vinyl adhesive paper in black to create the appearance of a Jack O’Lantern and they came out pretty cute. Or should I say SPOOKY!


Not much of a tutorial here – just draw your shape on the back of the black vinyl, cut it out, and stick on your pumpkin! It’s so easy your toddler can make one with her safety scissors.


Plus the vinyl is removable so you can peel it off right before Halloween to properly carve your pumpkin.


Don’t you love how Z’s turned out?

DIY Ruby Slippers


So there’s only one reason to make your own ruby slippers, right? You guessed it! Z is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween, you won’t believe how cute she looks in her costume. I got lucky and happened to be at Jo-Ann Fabric about a month ago and there was a teeny tiny Dorothy costume in the 50% off last-year’s-costumes-rack so I grabbed it. Every girl needs to dress as Dorothy for Halloween once in her life, right? Right. Of course I had to add my own DIY aspect to her costume so I decided to make her some beautiful ruby slippers.  You won’t believe how easy it is!


You will need: shoes, red glitter, Mod Podge, and a brush.


Brush the shoes with a light layer of Mod Podge.


Sprinkle with the red glitter and shake off excess.


I split the shoe in thirds and did one part at a time.


When you’re done, give the shoe a good shake to get off any loose glitter.


Let the shoe dry a couple minutes then paint with another layer of Mod Podge to really seal so your glitter doesn’t come off. Let dry overnight.


Stay tuned for Halloween and I’ll show you the full costume, Toto and all…