Easter Crafts – Easter Egg Tree

Now that we have all these colorful and fancy Easter Eggs – we need something to hang them on!  This Easter Egg Tree is so easy to make.   You’ll need: florist wet foam, twigs (I used curly willow), a vase, fish tank gravel (I used the kind that look like mini rocks).   CutContinue reading “Easter Crafts – Easter Egg Tree”

Easter Crafts – Colorblock Easter Eggs

Colorblock in neon AND glitter!  These were so fun to make and fairly easy so you definitely have time to make these before this Sunday. You’ll need:  eggs (I blew the eggs out, Martha has great directions on how to do so), egg dying kit (I bought the kind you find at the grocery store),Continue reading “Easter Crafts – Colorblock Easter Eggs”

Easter Craft – Polka Dot Easter Egg

Last year I started a new tradition of decorating a wooden Easter egg for our Z that we can hang every year.  I made a purple egg with white polka dots and frankly, I didn’t love how it came out.  Since we love polka dots in this house, I decided to re-do how to makeContinue reading “Easter Craft – Polka Dot Easter Egg”