The Sixth Fall Fashion Favorite – Lace-up Flats

Remember last week when I pulled together my five favorite fall fashion favorites? Well, turns out there are 6 fall fashion favorites, but SIX didn’t really go with the alliteration of my catchy title so I decided to do a separate post for the sixth favorite. This one is in fact the best of all and the newest trend that you (I am sure) have seen everywhere this summer and now fall. Lace-up flats. All summer it was the lace-up gladiator and now there are adorable lace-up flats everywhere. Do you have a pair? Here are some of my favorites.


Loeffler Randall (if only I actually needed these, love!) / ASOS (I bought these, they run small but are so cute and practical for a SAHM) / ZARA  / Topshop

Topshop / Steve Madden / Anthropologie (this comes in 5 different colors!) / free people

Happy Feet

Back in my mid-college days, I went through quite the hippie phase. I hung out with a hippie crowd, I started listening to a lot of Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, I thought about turning my hair into dreadlocks (but after like 4 days of not washing my hair I quickly changed my mind), and I wore big ‘ol brown suede Birkenstock sandals. Sometimes with socks – those thick hiking socks. What a look – I think I may have just surprised you a bit! It was a fun phase, but thankfully I grew out of it. So you know I was wary when I heard that Birkenstocks had made a comeback since to me that would always be ugly hippie shoes! I immediately declared I would never follow this trend.


Fast forward – a week or so ago my Z and I hopped into Nordstrom to check out summer sandals at the half-yearly sale and I walked away with my usual type of cute, on trend sandal for summer. Well, I got them home and tried them on again and immediately thought about how in like a minute I’ll be a mom of 2 – spending my days nursing, going to the playground, running errands, and all of those sorts of things. And how most of the playgrounds we go to are either sand or wood-chip covered and these sandals would be ruined in one wearing. You know I feel strongly about maintaining my sense of fashion while being a mom but something had to change so, they went back.


Soon after we were at one of these wood-chip and sand-covered playgrounds and I saw a mom happily walking around in her…Birkenstocks! And she looked cute, not hippie-like at all. I decided it was time to reconsider. After a major internet search of style, colors, and whether anyone was selling them discounted (no one is AND Birkenstocks are always discluded from online coupon codes, boo) and decided on this style called Gizeh in silver.


You like? I love em and if you haven’t heard, Birkenstocks are actually really good for your feet – they mold to your foot after just a few wearings and provide great support. This is also something I need because in my early 20’s I went through a Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw phase where I would only wear 3 to 4 inch heals wherever I went from work in the morning through drinks after work and boy am I paying for that now (I’ll need foot surgery some day!). So that’s my story of my recently declared happy feet. This post was not sponsored by Birkenstock, I didn’t get anything for free (I didn’t even get a discount and I almost never pay full price for anything) – I just wanted to share my story of what I thought was comfort winning over style – until I realized I actually think these silver Birks are totally cute.

Epic Mommy Adventures

But What About the Shoes…

Temps finally rose for us in the New England area the past few days, and don’t get me wrong – I love a good 40-degree day when you can go out in a sweater and a vest instead of every layer you own PLUS a down winter coat just to stay warm. But – you better still be wearing your boots or galoshes because the 3 feet of snow outside is melllllting. Like everyone else, I am jumping on the “I can’t wait for spring” bandwagon and pulling together a bunch of items that I am desperate to wear now but will have to wait until spring, but I am focusing on footwear. Footwear is the final piece to the thank-God-it’s-finally-spring puzzle because you have wait a lonnnng time to wear them without fear of ruining them in snow and endless puddles. Here’s a little round-up of some spring shoes I am coveting right now…


1. Love these Nautical Ballerina flats from Zara. 2. I am obsessed with the shape of d’orsay flats and can’t wait to get a pair – I love these Ted Baker London Cadeen Flats, the pop of peach is lovely. 3. These Soludos Lace Up Espadrille Flats are adorable and look SO comfy. 4. I had to include a yellow shoe because I always think yellow when I think spring. Aren’t these Tippy Pumps from Anthropologie perfect? 5. A bright-patterned ballet flat is perfect for spring, I love these DV8 by Dolce Vita Tasmin Flats and they’re under $40! 6. And these Lucky Brand Two Piece Flats, these just scream spring! 7. Chuck Taylor Metallic in Rose Gold – the perfect feminine sneaker for spring. 8. I love these pink J.Crew Collection Blakely summer stripe pumps, just the perfect bright color.

What shoes are you looking forward to wearing when it gets warmer AND drier?

Fall Trend – Smoking Slippers

In talking about fall fashion trends from leather to army jackets to fancy sweatshirts I realized I haven’t talked about what’s most important: SHOES! One trend I am particularly excited has stuck around and is big again this fall is smoking flats or smoking slippers. What is more comfortable than a pair of shoes that simulate slippers? Comfy, cozy slippers! That you can wear all day and look snazzy in. I personally have a great pair of silver studded smoking slippers from Zara last fall but there are so many more out now that are interesting, unique, wild – and all comfortable!


1. I have to kick off this round-up of smoking slippers with an animal print pair – it just works for this shape shoe. I love these Combination Animal Pattern Slippers from Zara. 2. Chiara Ferragni makes the most dynamic smoking slippers. These Art Glitter Argento shoes are so cheeky how could you not adore them? 3. These Dolce Vita Smoking Flats – Fiera Jeweled Heel from Bloomingdale’s are the perfect go-to black suede shoe for fall, I can’t get enough of that rhinestone heel! 4. Aren’t these purple MIKO Pin Stud Slippers from Topshop adorable? And a great color for fall. 5. The Sam Edelman Aster Flat from Nordstrom would be a very interesting neutral smoking flat to have in your wardrobe. Can’t you see them looking great with dark denim? 6. If you’re looking for a traditional aesthetic for your smoking slippers, the Leyna by Nine West from Piperlime is your best bet. The price point can’t be beat! 7. My faves are the Embellished Slipper from Zara because I do always love a little extra flashiness on a shoe! 8. Charles Philip Lana Tassel Plaid flat from Shopbop are killing 2 trends this fall: smoking slipper AND plaid. Love. these.



And of course, not to be left out of a current trend, over the weekend I snagged these smoking slippers for my Z, she LOVES them!

A Love of Shoes

I’ll never forget when my sister was pregnant with my niece (who is now 6 years old with 2 loose teeth – so grown up!!) I found a photo in Vogue of a baby/toddler sitting in the middle of a pile of her mommy’s shoes, trying them on. The baby had very curly hair just like my sister so I ripped out the image, showed my family, and was certain that this would be the image of my then unborn niece. Well, it turns out, I think I actually had that baby from the Vogue photo. My Z has super curly hair, as you know and a major MAJOR love of shoes. Here’s how I know…

Sometimes, when the house is quiet and I know my little Z must be up to no good, I walk around the corner and find her here… z-shoes-5

She loves to stand in front of the basket where she and I keep our shoes (my husband’s feet are too large for his shoes fit in this particular basket, so he has his own). She takes out all of her shoes and tries to put them on herself. Recently, she also has fun finding pairs and matching them together. Who needs the game Memory? We match shoes in this house.



But she doesn’t discriminate, his basket of shoes is equally as interesting as ours! She can even climb into his basket.

Then, every morning when we’re upstairs getting dressed – not just SOME mornings, this is EVERY morning – she opens my closet where I keep the majority of my shoes on the floor and goes to town trying them on, picking them up, sorting them…


She has a particular love of these oxfords. I think they’re snazzy, but I think when the day comes that she wears a size 7 1/2 women’s shoe, they will become hers because she loves them so much.



And recently, she discovered that I keep some old, lesser worn shoes in a Tupperware container under the bed. Now, every few mornings she remembers this bin and reaches to get it out…



So I usually drag it out for her, open it up, and let her go to town playing, trying them on, organizing them in pairs.

But how does she already have such a love of shoes at 20 months old?

According to Christian Louboutin, when a woman tries on a pair of shoes, she doesn’t just look at the shoe and like/dislike them, she looks at her entire self in the mirror and sees if she likes “how” they make her look.  He says “shoes are a pedestal.” Is my Z doing this? No, she’s too little to even know about image and how something looks. She has pure, naive tastes of what she likes and dislikes and therefore, I think I have pretty strong evidence here that a love of shoes is something you’re born with.  Sure, she’s observed me prancing around in some pretty great shoes, but her love goes above and beyond just trying to be like mommy.



This baby looooooves her shoes! These are her latest love, some cool Puma sneaks (and yes, those are her DIY Jean Shorts!).