Postpartum Style, Part II

Last time I talked about postpartum style I was days away from giving birth and daydreaming about wearing anything but maternity clothes. While the outfit I shared is still a fave, now that it’s just about 12 weeks later (how is M 12 weeks old?!) I thought I’d share another version of my go-to postpartum outfits I’ve been sporting all summer. Pardon the selfies, but, ya know…


Skinny jeans 1 size larger than my norm, flowy tops, and Gizeh birks have been my everything this summer.


This top is on double sale at Anthropologie right now and it’s adorable. Dress it up or down, I’ve been loving it. It’s stylish, a great summery color, and just flowy enough to cover that postpartum tummy.

A couple other postpartum outfits  I’ve posted in my Instagram feed: postpartum-style-5

Colorful sundress from Zara (similar)


Navy dress with embroidery and pompoms from crewcuts (yes, crewcuts size 16 – try it!)


An outfit of jeans and the cutest summer espadrilles from GAP (can’t find them online but I bet they’re still at stores in the sale section!)

What to Wear – Postpartum

Unless you are genetically lucky (or a Hollywood star) it’s going to take you some time to get back into your skinny jeans after you have a baby. Since my guy is coming any minute now I have moved on from maternity style to think about what I’ll be wearing this summer in my postpartum days of feeling chubbier than my norm. When I had my Z, the weather was cool so my postpartum style included yoga pants (obviously) and jeans that were a size or 2 larger than my norm. This time I’ll be postpartum in the heat of the summer so I’m lucky I’ll be able to wear flowy skirts and maxi dresses – only when I feel like getting out of yoga pants, ha! Another thing that I’ll be sporting is the newly trendy dressy tie (or elastic) waste pants. Have you seen these? They’re like fancy sweatpants! And everyone is making them! I got the pair from Zara below, but I’ve included plenty of links to others I’ve seen out there.


1. Nursing Scarf – I am by no means an in-public nursing aficionado and still rely on some sort of blanket/cover/scarf thing to ensure privacy. This nursing scarf is pretty cute.

2. Gilligan & O’Malley nursing tank from Target – perfect for summer as it looks more like a top than a nursing tank so you don’t have to wear something over it.

3. Loose-fit Printed Trousers from Zara – the print of these is perfect for summer. I am showing how I’d wear them every day with a nursing tank and my Birks, but you could easily dress these up with a buttoned top or dressier tank and strappy sandals once you’re out of the barely-leaving-home infant stage. Here are some other links to similar elastic or tie-waste pant options: GAP, Asos, Asos, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Old Navy

4. Skip Hop baby bag – we haven’t used our baby bag as much now that Z is older, but infants require SO much while out and about we’ve taken it out of the closet and will use it constantly. Ours is actually the Wave Dot design but the one above looks cuter with this outfit.

5. Silver Gizeh Birkenstocks – I think I said enough about these shoes yesterday.

Happy Feet

Back in my mid-college days, I went through quite the hippie phase. I hung out with a hippie crowd, I started listening to a lot of Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, I thought about turning my hair into dreadlocks (but after like 4 days of not washing my hair I quickly changed my mind), and I wore big ‘ol brown suede Birkenstock sandals. Sometimes with socks – those thick hiking socks. What a look – I think I may have just surprised you a bit! It was a fun phase, but thankfully I grew out of it. So you know I was wary when I heard that Birkenstocks had made a comeback since to me that would always be ugly hippie shoes! I immediately declared I would never follow this trend.


Fast forward – a week or so ago my Z and I hopped into Nordstrom to check out summer sandals at the half-yearly sale and I walked away with my usual type of cute, on trend sandal for summer. Well, I got them home and tried them on again and immediately thought about how in like a minute I’ll be a mom of 2 – spending my days nursing, going to the playground, running errands, and all of those sorts of things. And how most of the playgrounds we go to are either sand or wood-chip covered and these sandals would be ruined in one wearing. You know I feel strongly about maintaining my sense of fashion while being a mom but something had to change so, they went back.


Soon after we were at one of these wood-chip and sand-covered playgrounds and I saw a mom happily walking around in her…Birkenstocks! And she looked cute, not hippie-like at all. I decided it was time to reconsider. After a major internet search of style, colors, and whether anyone was selling them discounted (no one is AND Birkenstocks are always discluded from online coupon codes, boo) and decided on this style called Gizeh in silver.


You like? I love em and if you haven’t heard, Birkenstocks are actually really good for your feet – they mold to your foot after just a few wearings and provide great support. This is also something I need because in my early 20’s I went through a Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw phase where I would only wear 3 to 4 inch heals wherever I went from work in the morning through drinks after work and boy am I paying for that now (I’ll need foot surgery some day!). So that’s my story of my recently declared happy feet. This post was not sponsored by Birkenstock, I didn’t get anything for free (I didn’t even get a discount and I almost never pay full price for anything) – I just wanted to share my story of what I thought was comfort winning over style – until I realized I actually think these silver Birks are totally cute.

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