Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I made a couple Valentine’s Day Cards this year I wanted to share…

For family, from our sweet baby girl:

I did a photo shoot that went wild as Z only wanted to bite the styrofoam hearts I pinned to a pink blanket to make an on-theme photo backdrop.  I got a few silly photos I decided to put together as you see above and then glued onto heart vellum paper and then onto a red card I stamped with white hearts.
Then I discovered the glue pen recently and used it to write a fancy Happy Valentine’s Day inside the card with sparkly silver glitter.

For my husband, from me:

I made a fun card by printing and coloring a Corona bottle and gluing it to a heart stamped card.  Then I punched a hole in the top where a hand-drawn lime is peeking through…
…with a cute message on the inside.
Happy Valentine’s Day

$10 Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece much like the one I made last Easter using conversation heart candy. I found the candy on sale 2/$6 and flowers for $4, not bad and so easy to put together:

All you need: Bouquet of flowers, 2 bags of conversation heart candy (I used the large ones), 1 large case, and 1 smaller vase that will fit in the large case with 1/2 an inch space around it.
Put water in the smaller vase and place inside the larger vase.  Start filling around the smaller vase with the candy.
Make sure the “conversation” of the hearts are facing out.  Some of these sayings are just ridiculous…
Arrange your flowers in the smaller vase and voila…$10 centerpiece!