Couple Things

We had a tough week around here – the stomach flu made its way around early in the week and then our Christmas Tree spontaneously toppled over.  We miraculously only lost 1 sentimental ornament and luckily no one was around when it happened (even the cat, phew!) so no one got hurt.

christmas tree down

Look at Christmas Goofy in the middle of the floor, laying on his back, screaming “why??!!”

Looking forward to the weekend!  We’ll be doing some last minute shopping and paying a visit to Santa at the mall.  Have a great weekend, here are some fun links:

I LOVE these Anthropologie getaway outfit ideas, have you seen them?

West Elm spring line sneak peek – I love the heart mugs!

I’m thinking about getting this dress for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, I love the colors…

Tomorrow is National Cupcake day – no link, just letting you know so you can eat cupcakes all day tomorrow.  =)

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