Holiday Winter Travel

Raise your hand if you’re traveling at all with the upcoming holidays!!!!

I haven’t done an outfit post like this in forever – honestly I love doing them but they take a long time to put together and with 2 wee ones who seem to always be in need, my time is not my own and certainly not this blog’s either… BUT! I’ve had my eye on a few things online that I really wanted to share so I decided to round up a little outfit for any upcoming holiday travel you may have this winter.  What will you be wearing?


1. Madewell linen Telegraph tee in stripe (on sale!); 2. Layer Love Necklace from Dogeared; 3. J. Crew Chateau Parka in neon electric flame; 4. Fingerless gloves from Zara; 5. Spanx faux leather leggings from Nordstrom; 6. J Slides Fltecher Sneakers from Anthropologie; 7.kate spade Saturday Weekender bag in Gold Dot.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Winter Travel

  1. Oh I have some upcoming travel and have been on the hunt for a good weekender. I’m so over my vera bradley one. it’s just too big. I have been looking at the Kate Spade Saturday Weekender but the reviews for it have been so so. Also, it’s kinda pricey for a weekender. I do need to make a decision soon as I’m traveling in two weeks. Yikes!


    1. Hi Mree, I want to get to the new Saturday store at the Pru and see one in person. I’ve read poor reviews too but have heard first hand from folks that they’re great! I will say I’ve seen them go on sale, too and when they put their “sale on sale” with an extra % off it gets to under $100 – totally reasonable.


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