A Yummy Way to Eat Your Veggies


In honor of today – the last day of our annual CSA subscription, I thought I’d do a post on eating veggies. We signed up for our first CSA a few years ago for a number of reasons including forcing us to eat more, different, and in season vegetables. And we love it! I will say, there is a lot of pressure to use all the veggies every week and we’re not big on smoothies and we don’t own a juicer so we actually EAT the veggies and incorporate them mostly into our dinners.

fun-with-veggies-1I would say about once a week during our CSA we have some variation of this meal idea where we stir fry, roast, or saute a ton of veggies and serve over a little rice or noodles. My husband and daughter are pretty major carnivores so we always have a protein with it, too – beef, shrimp, pork, etc…


Recently though, we hopped over to our local HMart Asian grocery store and bought a new secret weapon for this sort of meal….


The soba noodles are so good and make this meal end up feeling like a treat instead of a way to eat a million vegetables. On this particular night we used the sauce recipe from this Orange Beef and Broccoli recipe. Just a tip I thought I’d share! How do you incorporate more veggies into your diet?

One thought on “A Yummy Way to Eat Your Veggies

  1. oh that looks so good. I try to have veggies every single night with dinner rather than a starch or a carb. It is hard as I’m really not a huge fan of them.


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