Spring Fashion Trend: Ruffles

Ruffles…not just for the bums of baby tights anymore! Ruffles are everywhere right now and are huge for spring fashion. But as an adult how do you incorporate a ruffle without looking like a 3 year old? I bought this amazing faux leather jacket from Zara recently that has just a hint of ruffle on the shoulders. It’s just enough to add a little drama and interest to the jacket, and it inspired me to dust off the ‘ol keyboard and put a blog post together.

Some tips on wearing ruffles as a grown woman:
– When you’re an adult wearing ruffles, stick to one ruffled item at a time.
– You want to pair your ruffled item with something a little edgy to balance it out…distressed denim, ankle boots, a (non-ruffled) bomber, denim, or leather jacket.
– Have fun! It’s always fun to try a new trend, dive in and experiment the next time you’re in a dressing room!


  1. Here’s the Leather Effect Frilled Jacket from Zara I mentioned above. It’s so cute on and the ruffle at the wrist and waist is just enough.
  2. I’m always looking for a way to elevate my jeans and a t-shirt mom uniform and this Bobeau Poplin Ruffle Tee from Nordstrom certainly does the trick! This would great with white jeans (obviously) but also with a pair of light distressed jeans.
  3. These Loeffler Randall Vera Ruffle Slide Sandals are gorgeous! I love the delicate ruffle in suede.
  4. I love this Willow and Paige Ribbed sweater from ASOS! The ruffled shoulders are totally adorable. I have the sweater in purple and white stripes and usually wear with dark denim and black ankle boots but it also comes in pink and beige.
  5. J. Crew is doing ruffles on a bathing suit! This Ruffle Bandeau One-piece is adorable and a little bust ruffle is always a nice way to flatter anyone with a smaller top.
  6. These Tory Burch Ruffle Sneakers are the cutest. Sneakers. Ever! Perfect for spring/summer.

Are you wearing ruffles yet?!

Flower Card


Late spring/early summer is such a busy time for celebrating: mother’s and father’s day, graduations, first communions, weddings, and for me – lots of people I know and love have birthdays this time of year! I made this lovely flower card for my mum for mother’s day but you could easily make it for another occasion as well.


You will need: double sided tape, puffy tape, marker (to match your color scheme) pen, needle, thread, button, a rubber stamp for the occasion, colorful paper, and a blank card and envelope.



First, cut out your flower petals. I folded my paper in half and cut out somewhat of a heart shape. You will need 4 petals total.



Tape the petals onto the blank card using your double sided tape.



Then cut out a leaf and tape that underneath the petals, peeking out. I thought just 1 leaf looked good, but it’s up to you!


Next, you’ll want to cut a circle out of paper (different color than your petals) with a small circle drawn in the center. Then, start cutting strips in the circle, stopping at the perimeter of the center circle. Do this around the entire circle.



Now comes the fun part! Sew a litle button right smack in the middle of the circle.



Then one by one, curl each cut out around your circle, do it by hand, or I curled some around a pen, too.



Draw some black lines with a sharpie coming out of the button. Then use some puffy tape to secure this piece in the center of your petals.



Make sure to customize the inside with a stamp or hand-written message. And there you have the cutest flower card!

Asparagus Couscous


As always, we are looking for seasonable side dishes to serve for dinner. Since our CSA doesn’t start for a couple more months, we thought for spring we’d eat a lot of asparagus and peas.  Well, adapted from this Martha Stewart recipe I saw on Pinterest, we made this very simple (and quick!) Asparagus Couscous.  We used chicken stock and a few squeezes of lime juice instead of just water for more flavor.


Cut your asparagus into 1-inch pieces and boil in 2C chicken stock for 2 or 3 minutes.



Add zest and juice of half a lime. Add 1C couscous, cover, and let sit for 5 minutes.



Uncover, season with s&p, and fluff with a fork.



Serve and enjoy (we served with herbed salmon)!