Homemade Christmas Cards

I love to make our Christmas cards every year but this year it just wasn’t feasible! Plus, I had so many beautiful photos from our shoot with Heater Maloney that I knew this year was a year for a traditional (EASY) photo card. Luckily, I got my homemade Christmas card fix in because we had a few people to give gifts to that required a little card to accompany the gift. I went with 2 different styles this year. One classic look and one a little more whimsical. I thought I’d share the finished products today in case you’re looking for a little homemade Christmas card inspiration.


I made the classic card extra simple by using just red and silver throughout the card, the message is even written in silver sharpie inside the card! These snowflake stamps are just fabulous.


For the more whimsical card I used a few different color ink pads to make a tree with ornaments. To fill the white space, I made a border from a red/white striped washi tape and I think it came out adorable.


Merry Merry!

PS. I inadvertently took last week off from blogging, – just too busy and too much going on. But I’m baaaack!

Flower Card


Late spring/early summer is such a busy time for celebrating: mother’s and father’s day, graduations, first communions, weddings, and for me – lots of people I know and love have birthdays this time of year! I made this lovely flower card for my mum for mother’s day but you could easily make it for another occasion as well.


You will need: double sided tape, puffy tape, marker (to match your color scheme) pen, needle, thread, button, a rubber stamp for the occasion, colorful paper, and a blank card and envelope.



First, cut out your flower petals. I folded my paper in half and cut out somewhat of a heart shape. You will need 4 petals total.



Tape the petals onto the blank card using your double sided tape.



Then cut out a leaf and tape that underneath the petals, peeking out. I thought just 1 leaf looked good, but it’s up to you!


Next, you’ll want to cut a circle out of paper (different color than your petals) with a small circle drawn in the center. Then, start cutting strips in the circle, stopping at the perimeter of the center circle. Do this around the entire circle.



Now comes the fun part! Sew a litle button right smack in the middle of the circle.



Then one by one, curl each cut out around your circle, do it by hand, or I curled some around a pen, too.



Draw some black lines with a sharpie coming out of the button. Then use some puffy tape to secure this piece in the center of your petals.



Make sure to customize the inside with a stamp or hand-written message. And there you have the cutest flower card!