MiniLuxe Nail Polish

As you probably know, I am a nail painter – my nails are painted 100% of the time. This is for 2 reasons: 1. I like the way it looks having a perfectly painted fingernail. And more importantly 2. I am a nail biter and if my nails weren’t painted I would nibble all the time – nail biting is a fierce addiction.


I almost always use some sort of shade of red for my nails so when I received a package of nail polish in the mail from MiniLuxe to try out, I was so pleased that there was not one red in the mix! From left to right these colors are: Lucky, Hingham, Lolita, Corey, and Jade. I love that all MiniLuxe nail polish is eco-beautiful and free of harsh chemicals.



I started with the Lucky, because – well – who doesn’t need a little more luck? I thought it would be cute on my toes, don’t you agree?



Specifically, I knew this color would coordinate perfectly with my favorite tribal print black and white skinny leg pants from GAP and simple black flip flops to let that Lucky pop.



Next, I tried Lolita on my hands. Full disclosure, I have used this color before and LOVE it. Have you ever found a shade that just works perfect with your skin tone? Lolita is the perfect purple/pink for me.



And, just last night I went for it…the hottest pink I have ever painted my nails – Hingham. It’s such a great bright and bold color for summer. Thanks MiniLuxe! Now I am out of my red rut!


*Disclaimer: I received complimentary goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own.

Summer Nails

I feel like summer is the perfect time to have brightly painted nails, agree? It’s also a more casual time where you can experiment with interesting and new colors that maybe aren’t your normal go-to shades. Here are my current favorite summer nail colors, let me know if you try any!


 1. Ok, I am talking to you about colorful summer nail polish and I start with a neutral. But, well, sometimes you need a break from all that color and when I so, I really like Zoya’s Laurie, 3 coats.

2. Sometimes a little orange on your nails is just perfect for hazy summer. My favorite orange of the moment is essie’s bazooka. It’s technically neon, but it looks great on.

3. I am wearing this as I type, it’s MiniLuxe’s Lolita. It looks like it could be *too much but trust, me it’s great once it’s on your nails and is just enough neon purple/pink without feeling overwhelming.

4. I had to include a red in this round-up because well, red nails are classic. I love essie’s hip-anema for summer. It’s a nice, soft red with a slight coral tint.

5. You know by now how I feel about this pistachio/minty green, right? Well I love it on nails too. I got a manicure for Mother’s Day with this as the French tips and I just loved the look and would recommend it. I also like this idea of little polka dots in this color, too. This is Zoya’s Neely.

Mother’s Day Recap

I didn’t think it could get better than last year, but yesterday I had the loveliest Mother’s Day so I wanted to share some details with you!


My Mother’s Day celebration actually started Friday afternoon when I got a manicure courtesy of MiniLuxe. I had them do an interesting take on a french manicure using my favorite Zoya pistachio green polish.



Sunday, I woke up to a bouquet of lovely spring flowers and donuts from Union Square donuts – and a little munchkin who decided to sleep til 8:30! *Note – she was up in the middle of night for a bit (when does all this teething end), but still…


styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-11styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-5 styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-6styled-by-jess-mothers-day-recap-10

And then we met my mom and sister (and dads and kids) for a yummy brunch at my sister’s club. Us moms and kids posed overlooking the 9th tee. *Photo Note – my Z had had enough at this point and was late for her nap! And look at my niece, mommy in training with her Bitty Baby and my little nephew, the woof-ing puppy!



I lounged, read, and relaxed while our Z finally took her nap in the afternoon…and after a quick trip to the playground to run around we had my favorite dinner – Pasta Bolognese, I am such a lucky mommy! I learned from my amazing mom so hopefully I will be the same for my Z!