Summer Nails

I feel like summer is the perfect time to have brightly painted nails, agree? It’s also a more casual time where you can experiment with interesting and new colors that maybe aren’t your normal go-to shades. Here are my current favorite summer nail colors, let me know if you try any!


 1. Ok, I am talking to you about colorful summer nail polish and I start with a neutral. But, well, sometimes you need a break from all that color and when I so, I really like Zoya’s Laurie, 3 coats.

2. Sometimes a little orange on your nails is just perfect for hazy summer. My favorite orange of the moment is essie’s bazooka. It’s technically neon, but it looks great on.

3. I am wearing this as I type, it’s MiniLuxe’s Lolita. It looks like it could be *too much but trust, me it’s great once it’s on your nails and is just enough neon purple/pink without feeling overwhelming.

4. I had to include a red in this round-up because well, red nails are classic. I love essie’s hip-anema for summer. It’s a nice, soft red with a slight coral tint.

5. You know by now how I feel about this pistachio/minty green, right? Well I love it on nails too. I got a manicure for Mother’s Day with this as the French tips and I just loved the look and would recommend it. I also like this idea of little polka dots in this color, too. This is Zoya’s Neely.

2 thoughts on “Summer Nails

  1. I love bright nails but I usually opt for neutral on my hands and brights for my toes. Chipped nails are my pet peeve so in the summer when I’m the hardest on my nails (pool, beach etc) so I stick to neutrals on my hands (chips are less noticeable). However, how awesome do red & orange nails look against tanned hands?!!


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