MiniLuxe Nail Polish

As you probably know, I am a nail painter – my nails are painted 100% of the time. This is for 2 reasons: 1. I like the way it looks having a perfectly painted fingernail. And more importantly 2. I am a nail biter and if my nails weren’t painted I would nibble all the time – nail biting is a fierce addiction.


I almost always use some sort of shade of red for my nails so when I received a package of nail polish in the mail from MiniLuxe to try out, I was so pleased that there was not one red in the mix! From left to right these colors are: Lucky, Hingham, Lolita, Corey, and Jade. I love that all MiniLuxe nail polish is eco-beautiful and free of harsh chemicals.



I started with the Lucky, because – well – who doesn’t need a little more luck? I thought it would be cute on my toes, don’t you agree?



Specifically, I knew this color would coordinate perfectly with my favorite tribal print black and white skinny leg pants from GAP and simple black flip flops to let that Lucky pop.



Next, I tried Lolita on my hands. Full disclosure, I have used this color before and LOVE it. Have you ever found a shade that just works perfect with your skin tone? Lolita is the perfect purple/pink for me.



And, just last night I went for it…the hottest pink I have ever painted my nails – Hingham. It’s such a great bright and bold color for summer. Thanks MiniLuxe! Now I am out of my red rut!


*Disclaimer: I received complimentary goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own.

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