What to Wear – Airplane Travel

So……… we’re going to London! And Glasgow! We leave tomorrow night! We are more than excited, as you can imagine. We have some friends living in Scotland right now so we thought we’d visit them and start with a jaunt in cheery ol London. So of course I had to share a little round-up of what I think is great to wear while you’re traveling on an airplane. I am against wearing your jammies as some people seem to do these days…but I am for wearing something totally comfortable. So here goes…



1. I start with a tank in case the plane is hot like this one from Zara…; 2. And also wear some sort of cardigan or wrap top like this one from J. Crew Factory; 3. I bring a Turkish Towel – they’re great to keep you warm on the plane if it gets chilly, and you can also use it on your trip as a picnic blanket, beach towel, or even a bath towel if you need one; 4. I always seem to wear jeans with a little stretch, like my favorites from Urban Outfitters; 5. I also pack a large carry-on like this one from Tory Burch so I have room for snacks, my kindle, iPhone, headphones, etc…; 6. I bring cute socks like these from Target to wear if you need to take off your bulky shoes (see #8); 7. Water. Airlines give out those tiny bottles nowadays which is not nearly enough. I buy the biggest bottle I can find once I’m at my gate in the airport; and 8. I always wear the bulkiest shoes I am packing for my trip to save room/weight in my suitcase. I’ll be wearing my Isaac Mizrahi Oletta Oxford Shoes.

What to Wear – Spring Weather

Spring weather cannot make up its mind, around here anyway. One day it’s warm enough for sandals and no jacket, the next day it’s freezing and mittens are necessary, and the third day it’s pouring buckets. How do you dress for such a varied climate? I have put together an outfit of pieces that will take you to from warm to cold to rain. Just don’t forget your rain jacket if it’s raining!



1. Pocket cardigan from Madewell; 2. Patterned tank from H&M; 3. Neon stone necklace from J. Crew ; 4. Colorful saddle flap crossbody bag from Urban Outfitters; 5. J. Crew toothpick jean in neon violet (everything is 25% off at J. Crew right now!); 6. HUE shoe liner (you don’t want to wear socks with ankle length pants and oxfords!); and 7. Isaac Mizrahi Oletta Oxford Shoes (I own these and they’re amazing and good in the rain! I get compliments every time I wear them.).