What to Wear – Workout

We enjoy food in this house – if you read this blog, that is pretty clear. But we also live an active lifestyle to make sure we’re staying healthy and in balance to our foodie nature. We like to bike as a family, go for walks, and do lots of playground time. But my husband and I also carve out time for our own workouts to really stay in shape.  My husband runs and I do Baby Bootcamp classes a few times a week. Baby Bootcamp is exactly how it sounds – the moms do a bootcamp style workout while the babies are in their stroller until the end when they get out and run around themselves. These classes are the best invention ever and I’ve been doing them since Z was just 3 months old.

Sometimes it’s a drag to get in the habit of working out but one thing I have found that helps is replacing all your old dingy workout-wear with pieces that look nice and make you feel great. Here are a few of my favorites that I highly recommend. Have a great workout!


1. GapFit Breathe striped tank – this tank comes in great colors and is long so it is flattering for all; 2. Now that the weather is nice, our classes are outside so I need a visor to keep the sun off my face; 3. And I use this Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunblock, it’s the best and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky; 4. Ladies, get a good sports bra like this one from Lululemon; 5. Odyssey Chaturanga Yoga Knickers from Athleta – these are technically yoga pants, but they are SO flattering! I have them in black and gray; 6. Sneakers, I like these Adidas kicks; and 7. Comfy, no-show socks from Under Armor, these are my favorite socks.

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