Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards Class – Sign Up Now!

I am teaching a craft class Wednesday, February 3rd to make beautiful, handmade Valentine’s Day Cards – SIGN UP NOW! If ever there was a holiday to spend time and effort to hand-make a card for your loved one, Valentine’s Day is it! Read the catalog description of the class below.


Keepsake Valentine’s Day Card Class: Legend has it that the practice of sending Valentine’s Day cards began in this country when a Mt. Holyoke College student received one such card from her beau in England. The daughter of a stationery manufacturer, she convinced her father of the business potential behind this idea. Thus, the Valentine’s Day card was born! Come join Jess for an evening of handmade heartfelt fun. Using rubber stamps, embossing powder, paper punches, decorative tape, and more, you will create at least two one-of-a-kind cards that express your creativity. Once you learn how simple and rewarding it is to make your own cards, you’ll never again settle for store-bought. This class is ideal for friends and adult/child pairs. Please bring scissors suitable for cutting paper; tuition includes a $10 materials fee.

Toddler Craft Project – Valentine’s Day Pasta Necklace

For this month’s toddler craft project I had to do something for Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be cute to put together pasta necklaces that the kids can either wear themselves or give to someone they love like, I don’t know – their moms! And to add an extra level of craftiness to this craft I thought it would be cute to paint the pasta in red, pink, and white to make them even more appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Now, we have about a dozen kids at 1 kitchen table doing these craft projects every month so having them paint the beads was not going to happen so I painted them ahead of time. But, if your toddler/child is old enough the first step in this project can be for them to paint the pasta.


For pasta I used ziti, ditalini (the tiny ones), and rigatoni (not pictured).


I used regular craft paint in red, pink, and white.


And painted each bead – you can roll the smooth pasta shapes in the paint but for a noodle like rigatoni you’ll have to paint each one to get in the grooves.


Once dry, string on yarn with a store-bought heart beads and voila – an adorable Valentine’s Day Pasta Necklace for your loved one!


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Other than these Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie treats, I haven’t gotten my act together this year to do a proper Valentine’s Day project to share with you so I thought I’d do a round up of all my favorite projects that I’ve shared over time so you can be inspired to make your Valentine something special this year!


Valentine’s Day cookies made from a cookie cutter as big as your head – YUM!


A centerpiece to decorate your kitchen table.


Gift Guide,


…or send an Edible Valentine gift this year,


…or a hilarious Valentine’s Day Gift of Kisses.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (8)

I stole an idea from my very own blog (Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats) and made the most adorable Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie treats while we were stuck inside during the blizzard earlier this week. It’s so fun to make rice krispie treats anyway but even better when cut with cookie cutters and mixed with sprinkles for whatever holiday is coming up. For Valentine’s Day we obviously used heart cookie cutters and pink and red sprinkles. I thought it would be even more fun to dye some white chocolate pink and add a little drizzle for added pop of color.

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (2)

Once you’ve made and cooled your rice krispie treats, turn them out onto a cutting board and use a heart cookie cutter to cut into heart shapes.

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (5)

Then drizzle with the pink chocolate…

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (4)

…or even dunk half in the chocolate – why not?

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (7)

These are so cute, festive – the perfect for Valentine’s Day treat!