Not Your Mother’s Pot Roast

Ok, it’s dipped below 20 degrees this week (and that’s during the day, it’s in the single digits at night!) so we’re pulling out all our favorite winter recipes to make for dinner. One such favorite is Tyler Florence’s Pot Roast with Vegetables recipe. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tyler’s – we evenContinue reading “Not Your Mother’s Pot Roast”

A Yummy Way to Eat Your Veggies

In honor of today – the last day of our annual CSA subscription, I thought I’d do a post on eating veggies. We signed up for our first CSA a few years ago for a number of reasons including forcing us to eat more, different, and in season vegetables. And we love it! I willContinue reading “A Yummy Way to Eat Your Veggies”

How to Throw Your Toddler a Character Themed Birthday Without Too Many Characters, Part ii

So last week I told you about the invitations and party hats for Z’s birthday party and today I thought I’d share the little cupcakes I made for the party. We had her party at a local dance studio where they have all sorts of fun games, songs, and activities for the kids to do.Continue reading “How to Throw Your Toddler a Character Themed Birthday Without Too Many Characters, Part ii”

Baked Kale and Ricotta Dip

I was flipping through the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living late last week and came across a quick one-page recipe for an alternative to spinach artichoke dip. Since it’s fall and football season and we’re always looking for snacks to enjoy while we watch games on Sunday afternoon, I immediately tore out theContinue reading “Baked Kale and Ricotta Dip”

Pappa Al Pomodoro – Bread Soup

I was watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa over the weekend where everything she made had bread as the main ingredient. One recipe was this soup (Pappa Al Pomodoro) and I thought, soup with bread IN it? That sounds pretty awesome, so we made it for dinner on Sunday. We also have tons of tomatoesContinue reading “Pappa Al Pomodoro – Bread Soup”

Fall Breakfast Yogurt

I’m always on the hunt for new breakfast ideas that are healthy and filling. Since we had tons of apples from our apple picking adventure I thought about how good apples would be with Greek yogurt, right? Here’s what I threw together and have been eating now for a week – it’s the perfect combinationContinue reading “Fall Breakfast Yogurt”