Not Your Mother’s Pot Roast


Ok, it’s dipped below 20 degrees this week (and that’s during the day, it’s in the single digits at night!) so we’re pulling out all our favorite winter recipes to make for dinner. One such favorite is Tyler Florence’s Pot Roast with Vegetables recipe. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tyler’s – we even made it a point to dine at his Wayfare Tavern when we were in San Francisco a few years ago (if you go there/live there eat there immediately!). And recently Ty’s been interesting to follow on Instagram where he shares all sorts of ideas/recipes from his test kitchen. Did you hear about his roasted french toast? Read through each photo, what an awesome idea.

tyler-florence-pot-roast-1Any way, back to pot roast. The most important step to this recipe is searing your meat. This locks in the flavor and is so important when braising anything so that it doesn’t become flavorless mush.

tyler-florence-pot-roast-2We simplify the recipe and just use tons of carrots, tons of onions, and a bunch of garlic (such precise measurements).

tyler-florence-pot-roast-3It’s so easy to just toss it all in your dutch oven and let it cook for hours! A great Sunday dinner for sure.


We don’t artfully display ours on a platter to serve they way Ty suggests, rather, we serve it over good ‘ol fashioned egg noodles. And it’s so. good. Enjoy!

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