Shrimp Fra Diavolo


At a little seafood restaurant in Newport, RI called Scales & Shells they serve the very best ever shrimp fra diavolo – technically it’s seafood fra diavolo (with lobster tail) for 2 and it is just phenomenal. You get tons of fish but it’s the sauce that you remember, it’s the best with just a touch of spice and they serve it over linguini. It’s the type of dish that you find yourself thinking about weeks later remembering just how good it was. In fact, a man I used to work with told me he and his wife used to get in the mood for Scales & Shell’s fra diavolo and make the round-trip hour-plus drive for dinner to satisfy their very specific craving, it’s that good.


Fra diavolo is a tricky recipe to make at home to get the right flavors – spice, tomato, fishy flavor (in a good way) and is usually best to order out. However, I recently bought an issue of America’s Test Kitchen with the top recipes of 2015 and they shared the shrimp fra diavolo recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It was the first (of many) recipes we’ve tried and it’s a good one. The recipe is slightly complicated and laborious (cooking the shrimp shells in the tomatoes to add a deeper flavor, for example) but it so worth it. We served our shrimp fra diavolo with crusty bread as the recipe recommended and it was certainly a meal to remember. Let me know if you try it!

Simple At-Home Curry Recipe


Sometimes you need a little something special for dinner even if you don’t have any extra time to make it. We get bored with the same old, same old and every once in a while will make a more ethnic dish to literally spice it up. Making curry at home is so easy now because curry powder and paste can be found at most regular grocery stores. We based our recipe on this Simple Vegetable Curry Recipe from Martha Stewart. We omitted the cauliflower (I love it, husband hates it – marriage is compromise, right?) and added shrimp. We also used brown rice in place of white because we honestly don’t even own white rice these days, I do think the sauce would taste best over white rice though, if you have it.

Simple-At-Home-Curry-Recipe-1Hopefully buying a jar of red curry paste for one recipe will inspire you to make curry more often! Also, I would suggest getting regular coconut milk to make sure your sauce thickens properly (we only bought light coconut milk because that’s all they had at our store).


We added the shrimp at the point in the recipe when you add the chick peas but you could add cooked chicken at that point too.


This was a good one – enjoy!