What to Wear – Floral Patterns

I mentioned last week that I like the spring trend of floral patterns but to be careful because all those flowers could easily become too much.  Don’t you agree?  You should also be mindful of what wardrobe piece you are buying in a floral pattern.  You want to look for modern cuts when you’re shopping for floral because you could easily look matronly.  For example: a floral skinny leg pant? Great. A floral collared button down shirt? Matronly.

I have put together a great outfit below for an example of how to best wear the floral trend – even with more than one floral piece:


1. Threadbloom blouse from Anthropologie worn tucked in; 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs bright orange cardigan from Bloomingdales; 3. Colorful beaded tea necklace (only $38! btw) from Swell Caroline; 4. Bright hair ties for your ponytail from Nordstrom; 5. Floral print trousers by Zara, these are a great outfit base because although they’re floral, they are almost considered neutral with the simple 2-color pattern; 6. Willow Road Gia handbag from Kate Spade; and 7. J. Crew Green etta pumps.

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