Recipe Classic – Chicken Pot Pie


I thought the best recipe to share next in my new Recipe Classics series is Chicken Pot Pie. This was one of my favorite meals growing up! Years ago my husband I found this great recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from and have been making our variation of it for years. Really other than chicken and the “gravy” part of the pot pie, the rest is all up to personal taste – add the veggies you want and top it with your fave crust! We normally use puff pastry but you can also use a biscuit-type topping or a traditional crust. I made it was the traditional crust last week for this post, frankly because we were out of puff pastry and the Trader Joe’s variety we like apparently is only sold around the holidays now (bummer!). Anyway, it was extra indulgent with a real pie crust and just SO good.


We disregard the veggies in the recipe we follow (link above) and use standard veggies for our pot pie (potatoes not pictured).


Bake until the crust is browned, the inside is bubbly…


…and serve hot!


Who doesn’t love homemade chicken pot pie?!?!

Homemade Tater Tots


Remember tater tots? They make me think of 3rd grade school lunch – in a good way! Like the only edible thing that came out of the school cafeteria – aside from those fabulous rectangles of pizza every Friday, of course. Anyways, when I was pregnant with my Z, we bought a bag of frozen-then-bake tater tots…and they hit the spot. This pregnancy when I felt a calling for tots I happened to see an episode of Giada De Laurentis’ show where she made sweet potato tots and I couldn’t believe how easy it seemed to be. And something homemade is always better than processed and frozen so I got right on it and made a batch this past weekend. Here you go – make them now, they come out awesome and as most things I make, this recipe is very easy (and hard to mess up, actually!).


Start by boiling your potatoes (I used 3 small regular potatoes) for just a few minutes until they’re slightly soft when pierced with a knife.  You want it so there is some cooked potato around the edge but still uncooked in the middle.


Shred your potato in a food processor or with the largest opening on your cheese grater (as I did). Mix with 1/3C flour and s&p for seasoning.


Form into 2-inch logs and fry in a couple of inches of oil heated to 350 degrees for about 4 minutes or so.


Season with salt immediately.


Serve warm….


…and with tons of ketchup. Enjoy!