Sweet Potato Noodles – Poodles?

For our next adventure in vegetable noodle-making (remember Zoodles from a couple weeks ago?) we decided to try out a sweet potato because sweet potatoes are so healthy, packed full of vitamins and very tasty. They worked great with our Spiral Vegetable Slicer. Should we call the end result Poodles?! We used our veggie slicerContinue reading “Sweet Potato Noodles – Poodles?”

Recipe Classic – Chicken Pot Pie

I thought the best recipe to share next in my new Recipe Classics series is Chicken Pot Pie. This was one of my favorite meals growing up! Years ago my husband I found this great recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from epicurious.com and have been making our variation of it for years. Really other thanContinue reading “Recipe Classic – Chicken Pot Pie”