Quick DIY Flower Pin

I am a firm believer that accessories can make an outfit.  When you want to look particularly “put together” you always add a special accessory or two, right?  Well, we were taking some family photos over the weekend and our little Z’s outfit was missing something. I quickly realized she needed a special accessory toContinue reading “Quick DIY Flower Pin”

Easter Craft – Polka Dot Easter Egg

Last year I started a new tradition of decorating a wooden Easter egg for our Z that we can hang every year.  I made a purple egg with white polka dots and frankly, I didn’t love how it came out.  Since we love polka dots in this house, I decided to re-do how to makeContinue reading “Easter Craft – Polka Dot Easter Egg”

Easter Crafts – Easter Straws

I am starting a new series today of Easter crafts – one or a two a week until Easter, which is March 31st this year.  For my first craft, I thought it would be fun to make brightly spring-colored drinking straws for Easter this year.  They will add pops of color to your Easter dinnerContinue reading “Easter Crafts – Easter Straws”