PomPom Tank Top


I’ve had these adorable pompoms sitting in my home office/craft room since I found them at Anthropologie over the holidays. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them until recently…I decided I’d sew them on a little shirt for Z! That way, she will look so cute in a DIY top and then when she outgrows it I can cut the pompoms off and reuse them.  But what should I make with them next time?! Let me know if you have ideas…



For the pompom tank, you’ll need: Tank top, needle, thread, sharp scissors, and the pompoms.



These pompoms have these little loops in them to make it nice and easy to attach them to a shirt.



The tank top I bought at Old Navy has a seam around the neckline where I sewed the pompoms onto the shirt. This made it easy to sew them on and hide the thread under the seam. See?



The other tip I have is to sew the pompoms on each side, then the middle, and then fill in between to make sure the pompoms are evenly spaced.



That’s it! How cute is this top?!

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