Easter Crafts – Easter Straws


I am starting a new series today of Easter crafts – one or a two a week until Easter, which is March 31st this year.  For my first craft, I thought it would be fun to make brightly spring-colored drinking straws for Easter this year.  They will add pops of color to your Easter dinner table and can even be used as place cards if you write names on the back of each one.  These are really easy to make with lots of room for your own style and color pallet to make them work for your Easter celebration.


You’ll need: Straws, colorful foam sheets with adhesive backs, sharp scissors, a pen, shapes to trace (if you don’t want to draw free hand).


First, make your shapes.  I made Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies and used a sample to trace so they would all be the exact same size.  Trace on the back of your foam.


Then go crazy decorating the front with more shapes cut from the foam. I also used double sided dots and squares to make designs with glitter as you see above.


If you do this make sure to cover these ones in a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal the glitter. You don’t want glitter falling into anyone’s drink!


After the shape is decorated, peel the back of the foam off and stick to the straw. Then stick a plain version of the same shape and color on the back and stick together.


Colorful Easter Straws – drink up!

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