Polo Match in Newport, RI


One of my favorite summer activities is to go to a Polo match in Newport, RI. Have you been? Matches are put on by the Newport International Polo Series every Saturday at 5pm. Gates open nice and early at 1pm and tailgating is highly encouraged.


We went a couple weeks ago and had a blast – it was our Z’s first polo match (we tried to go last year, but the field was too muddy for polo that day so we had picnic in the park instead).



She loves social settings with good people watching and yummy snacks, so obviously she loved this.



We had a smorgasbord of snacks including an orzo salad, toasted bread with fig jam and blue cheese, and the delicious charred corn and zucchini with basil that I told you about yesterday. We served our snacks with beer and wine too – water for Z, of course.



We even got to see this player up close…


I will say, the highlight of the event for Z was when in the middle of the match we were let on the field to stomp the divots. We did a lot of chasing to make sure she wasn’t stomping any steaming “divots” if you know what I mean…



All in all, going to a polo match in Newport is a great way to spend the late afternoon. There are a couple food vendors but I definitely suggest packing a cooler of snacks and drinks, bringing a blanket to sit on and maybe a few beach chairs.



If you are in Newport this summer, you should check out a polo match, they run every Saturday through September.

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