What to Wear – April Showers

April is know to be a rainy month, so what should you wear to still look great but stay dry? I tend to like to wear bright colors on gloomy, rainy days – do you? I’ve put together a cute and colorful outfit below to give you some ideas.   Sidenote: I just bought the little raincoat and it’s SO cute.  It’s very thin, which will be great for warmer weather.  I love that it’s the shape of a trench but also has a hood for when it’s especially down-pouring and you’re caught without an umbrella.



1. Oriental print shirt from Zara – a floral top under your raincoat is great to remind you spring flowers are on their way; 2. A Longchamp, the perfect waterproof bag; 3. Hooded tartan trench form Anthropologie, on sale right now; 4. Sleek Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case to protect your phone as you text in the rain; 5. Colorful Marimekko print umbrella; 6. J. Crew toothpick jean in huron; and 7. I love these rainboots by Kamik, they’re a great height and the little crest is cute and preppy.

3 thoughts on “What to Wear – April Showers

  1. Cute!! Longchamps really are the perfect rain bag, and I love that raincoat! Just bought some rain boots today– totally prepping for April showers myself!


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