Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (8)

I stole an idea from my very own blog (Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats) and made the most adorable Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie treats while we were stuck inside during the blizzard earlier this week. It’s so fun to make rice krispie treats anyway but even better when cut with cookie cutters and mixed with sprinkles for whatever holiday is coming up. For Valentine’s Day we obviously used heart cookie cutters and pink and red sprinkles. I thought it would be even more fun to dye some white chocolate pink and add a little drizzle for added pop of color.

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (2)

Once you’ve made and cooled your rice krispie treats, turn them out onto a cutting board and use a heart cookie cutter to cut into heart shapes.

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (5)

Then drizzle with the pink chocolate…

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (4)

…or even dunk half in the chocolate – why not?

valentines-day-rice-krispie-treats (7)

These are so cute, festive – the perfect for Valentine’s Day treat!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats

  1. I LOVE Rice Krispie treats!! Those look so good!! You make it look so easy to make them into little hearts. I always struggle with that and never thought to use a cookie cutter! Brilliant idea!!


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