Peach Cherry Salsa

peach -cherry-salsa-4

The plan was to have a pork roast for dinner last week (technically grilled, but the same concept). I think of roast pork as a fall/winter meal and I was totally dreading this for a summertime dinner, plus it was just. sounded. boring. I went about my way of seasoning the pork and tossing it on the grill all the while lamenting our dinner choice, why hadn’t we thought ahead and made our grilled peach salsa? When I came back inside to the kitchen with peaches on the brain a trifecta of ingredients were staring me down: peaches, cherries, cilantro. Hmmm, I think I’ll make a peach cherry salsa and rescue my boring pork! Let me tell you it was delicious, the pork was rescued and turned into a meal we actually enjoyed! Here’s what I did…

peach -cherry-salsa-2

1 small peach, chopped
10 cherries, pitted and chopped
small handful of cilantro chopped
1/4 of an onion finely chopped (red onion would work well here or a shallot)
small douse of olive oil
juice from 1/4 of a lemon or lime
s&p to taste

Mix together and serve.

peach -cherry-salsa-3

You have to try this one – would be great on any grilled meat for a refreshing summertime salsa! Enjoy!

Salsa Verde

salsa verde-4I mentioned Friday that we got a boat load of peppers, a pint of tomatillos, AND a bunch of cilantro in our CSA a couple weeks ago so it’s like the farm was beckoning us to make salsa verde – so we did! Salsa verde is a green sauce or green salsa. You can add as many jalapenos and/or serranos as you’d like to taste. It’s fairly simple to make, here’s how you do it…


salsa verde-3Peel your tomatillos, we were surprised at how sticky the skin under the peel is.


salsa verde-2Roast the tomatillos for just 5 to 8 minutes under the broiler until the skin gets browned.


salsa verde-1In the meantime, prep the rest of your ingredients: dice 1/2 an onion, a bunch of cilanro, 1/2 a lime, dash of sugar, salt, and chop your peppers – again, add as many as your desired spicey level.


salsa verde-5Once your tomatillos are cooled, blend everything together!


salsa verde-6Serve with chips…


salsa verde-8

…or on your favorite Mexican dish, like these fajitas. Enjoy!

Grilled Peach Salsa


I couldn’t do a post about salsa without mentioning one of the best Seinfeld quotes of all time. Agree?

On to the salsa…I was soooo sick of eating plain old grilled pork chops so I was perusing the web for some sort of topping. We’ve had BBQ, various chutneys, even this delicious apple topping that is great for the Fall. But I wanted something light, fresh, healthy, summery! Then I came across this recipe for a Grilled Peach Salsa and I was sold.


First, cut your peaches in half, take out the pit, brush with a little olive oil, and place cut-side down on a hot grill. Let grill for 8 minutes or until peaches have grill marks and are getting juicy.



While your peaches cool, mince a small onion, a tomato, a garlic clove, 1/2 a jalapeno (or the whole thing if you like a kick), and as much cilantro as you like (we didn’t have cilantro and substituted parsley).



Once your peaches cool to room temp, dice them and put them in the bowl with the rest of your ingredients.



Squeeze the juice of one lime on top and salt to taste.



Serve over pork like we did, or over swordfish maybe…or of course eat with chips. This is so good, so healthy – enjoy!