Hand-Painted Bead Necklace Craft Class

I held my first Arlington Community Education craft class of the season last night and it was a blast! We had an intimate group of ladies and we crafted, chatted, and made beautiful hand-made gold leaf frames. Everyone walked away with an adorable frame of their own.


The next class is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9 – register today! In this class we will be hand-painting wooden beads to create these adorable necklaces. Statement necklaces just make the outfit – how much fun would it be to create your own? Come find out!


For more information on this and the other Once and Done classes, check out my original post.

Croissant-Making Class Date Night!


Last week, my husband and I went on a little mid-week date.  Instead of our usual date of trying a new restaurant or catching a movie…we went to a class at our local Community Education program on how to make croissants! Who doesn’t love a croissant – flaky, buttery…delicious. We especially fell hard for this pastry on our honeymoon in France where we did so much biking it didn’t matter if we started each day with pan au chocolat.  So what better way to spend a date than learning how to make them ourselves! In all honesty, we did not become french pastry experts at this 2-hour class held at the local high school’s basement kitchen (shocker) but we sure did have fun, which is always the point of a date, right?  Here’s how our night went:


It was daylight when we arrived.



Here’s the kitchen – one of the stoves (and spell-check) didn’t seem to be working.



We made our dough.



We rolled it out and incorporated one flattened stick of butter into it with a series of folding and rolling.



Did you know once you’re done folding, rolling (and repeating many times) you end up with 72 layers in a croissant?!


Since the entire process of making the dough, letting it rise, chilling it, rolling it, folding it, repeat! takes about 7 hours start to finish, the teacher brought some croissants she had made beforehand for us to bake and enjoy.



We took our uncooked croissants home with us for one last chill in the fridge overnight and then baked in the morning for fresh croissants for breakfast!