Easter Crafts – Easter Egg Tree


Now that we have all these colorful and fancy Easter Eggs – we need something to hang them on!  This Easter Egg Tree is so easy to make.



You’ll need: florist wet foam, twigs (I used curly willow), a vase, fish tank gravel (I used the kind that look like mini rocks).


Easter-egg-branches (2) Easter-egg-branches (1)

Cut your brick of florist wet foam to size and then trim the corners so the gravel can get all around and cover it.


Easter-egg-branches (4)

Stick your curly willow (or pussy willow would be nice too) into the foam.  Put the branches in at an angle so they are not sticking straight up.


Easter-egg-branches (3)

Once you like the placement of your branches, pour the gravel over the foam and make sure all the green is covered.


Easter-egg-branches (5)

Decorate your branches with your Easter eggs and enjoy your colorful centerpiece. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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