Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I made a couple Valentine’s Day Cards this year I wanted to share…

For family, from our sweet baby girl:

I did a photo shoot that went wild as Z only wanted to bite the styrofoam hearts I pinned to a pink blanket to make an on-theme photo backdrop.  I got a few silly photos I decided to put together as you see above and then glued onto heart vellum paper and then onto a red card I stamped with white hearts.
Then I discovered the glue pen recently and used it to write a fancy Happy Valentine’s Day inside the card with sparkly silver glitter.

For my husband, from me:

I made a fun card by printing and coloring a Corona bottle and gluing it to a heart stamped card.  Then I punched a hole in the top where a hand-drawn lime is peeking through…
…with a cute message on the inside.
Happy Valentine’s Day

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